NH Roofing: Are You Ready for Winter?

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New England winters have the reputation of being harsh. Once here, the season is long, and exterior home improvements are nearly impossible. So, when it comes to roofing, NH residents know that preparation is imperative. At Corriveau Contracting, we’re here to help ensure your winter is seamless (in regards to your roof) with these helpful tips on preparing your roof for the upcoming winter!

Schedule a professional inspection

Even if your roof looks in tip-top condition, scheduling a professional inspection could reveal otherwise. From gutters to shingles, flashing to potentially dangerous trees, a trained team can provide information that you may otherwise overlook.

Clear gutters are a must

Depending on what your inspection reveals, gutter cleaning may be on the to-do list. With the fall season behind us, chances are, there’s a significant amount of debris build-up in your gutter system. Debris that contributes to added weight. When you consider additional snow and ice, you can easily understand how gutters pull loose during the winter.

Repair loose or lifted shingles

Whether lifting, loose or damaged, your shingles are the barrier between the outdoor elements and your home. Inspecting around flashing, chimneys, and skylights can help protect you against potential leaks that lead to mold and mildew growth. If there are shingles that need replacing, this is one area you won’t want to put aside.

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Don’t forget about your siding

Although it’s not roofing, your siding is closely connected to your roofing and requires attention as well. Think about it – if there’s an issue within your roof, the winter elements travel downward to your gutters (should they remain intact) and inevitably to your siding. Similar to the shingles, damaged or lose siding allows moisture to enter and potentially compromises the integrity of the home’s structure.

At Corriveau Contracting, we make sure that our trained professionals use only the best materials to ensure the strength of your roof. With only a few weeks left before winter sets in, now is the time to have your NH roofing specialist inspect your home.

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