What Are the Top NH Home Remodels of 2020?

Like paint colors, NH home remodels change with the season. And, while more people than ever before stayed home during 2020, you better believe remodeling was the thing to do! As the walls closed in on many, it was evident that now was the time for a change. However, unlike the typical kitchen and bathroom remodeling requests, this year brought about new and exciting remodels. In this article, we’re taking a look at some of the most innovative NH home remodels in 2020 that made being home 24/7 more tolerable.

At-home offices

While the dining room table or kitchen counter made the cut for the first few weeks, this situation quickly grew old. Creating home offices, no matter the size, was one of the top remodels in 2020. Whether it was a renovation of a guest room, a creative intertwining of common areas, or finishing the basement – remodels were underway in nearly every home.

While basement refinishing is one of the best ways to add additional usable space to the home, it’s not always in the budget. So, getting creative was in order for most as jobs were lost and paychecks cut. One of the most innovative NH home remodels involved the reworking of an unused hall closet. With a quick transformation, a home office was created, adding visual appeal and functionality to the home!

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In-home gyms

Beyond the office, people were (and still are) missing their gyms. Although more space is required for this remodel, home gyms were second in demand. Often, we found ourselves renovating spare rooms and basements to complete this task. Regardless of the location, a home gym required a strong focus on flooring.

One of the quickest and most suitable types of flooring was interlocking rubber tiles. While many brands offer installation over existing subfloors, some rooms required carpet removal and subfloor reinforcement. This step was imperative, especially when the homeowner was bringing in heavy equipment.

At Corriveau Contracting, our team of professionals has helped with hundreds of NH home remodels during 2020. Whether it’s a fresh look with interior painting services or complete basement refinishing, we have the expertise your home deserves.

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