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For a wallet-friendly alternative to plaster, look no further than drywall. Our experts know how to install, maintain, and replace drywall, and can provide the expertise and precision you need to add this material to your space in a timely fashion.

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DrywallDrywall has all but replaced plaster in modern homes because it is stronger and as fire-resistant as plaster and it does not share the cracking problems that affect plaster. It also requires a much shorter installation process. At its quickest, drywall installation can take only two days, compared to the typical week-long installation plaster requires.

Another bonus of using this material? Drywall can filter sound very well. The right type of drywall will reduce the sound that comes through walls or ceilings, which is great for spaces like a basement or bedroom. It definitely makes the room(s) feel more intimate and personal.

Since it can be cut into several shapes and has several different base materials to choose from, drywall is also quite versatile compared to plaster options. Between the colors, cuts, and materials, drywall is sure to compliment just about any room it will be installed in and fit your decorative vision.

If you have drywall in your home that needs to be repaired, replaced or installed, call Corriveau Contracting to get the job done right with hard work, dedication, and expertise. We’re happy to help you and make the room of your dreams come to life with this cost-friendly material!