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The Best Season For Painting Your Home

  Although individuals have needs year-round, there are still some things that cannot happen during certain seasons. Unlike in the South, where it is still 50 degrees in the middle of December, we live in New England where we are not that lucky. We have been known to get snow storms in October and April. […]

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Creating Color Flow Within The Home

Finding paint colors that work within the whole house can be a headache on its own. Many homeowners tend to play it safe and stick with neutral tones throughout the home because they want the house to flow as best as they can. The truth of the matter is that you can still create flow […]

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How To Test Paint Colors

We all think we know how to test paint colors best when it comes down to it. Take a moment and think about how you would usually test your paint colors. For many individuals, they take the little sheets of five complementary colors home and tape it to the wall. Don’t worry, we all have […]

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Energizing Colors

When we get up in the morning, we often need an extra boost of energy to get us going. Finding energizing colors to help us get energized in the rooms of our home, when we typically need an extra boost, can be hard. Where to begin? There was a couple in a house where they […]

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Common Exterior Paint Problems

When it comes to exterior paint, you need a color that can hold its own against the elements. There are plenty of exterior colors to choose from, and everyone has their preferences. However, all exterior paints are susceptible to issues from the elements after continued exposure. Nothing is impervious, and there are many different problems […]

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Colors To Help You Sleep

We all want to be able to have a good night’s sleep at the end of the day. There is nothing worse than trying to sleep and waking up every few hours or just struggling to fall asleep in the first place. At that point, many people try to take things that help them sleep, […]

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Finding the Right Company for Home Improvement

Taking on a home improvement project is a big decision. There needs to be plenty of planning, preparation, and consideration before you set everything into motion. A very significant step you must take before investing any money is finding the right company to accomplish the task. Otherwise, you may not get the results you need. […]

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When To Consider Home Improvement

Investing in your home is an expense that requires plenty of consideration, planning, and funds. Prior to making any major adjustments, it is important to make a note of when to invest in quality home improvement. Of course, we at Corriveau Contracting believe there is always room for home improvement in NH, but think you […]

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Finding the Right Color for Your Next Paint Job

Making a room new again with a paint job is fun. It adds new character, depth, and a new appearance to the room. There are plenty of shades out there, so it is often difficult to narrow down exactly what to pick as your next color. However, with some guidance, it will become an easier […]

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Why Choose Corriveau Contracting?

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when some serious renovations are in order. Whether it is a new paint job or installing siding, there is plenty of work to be done during this exciting time. Of course, finding the best company to work worth is key: after all, this is your property, and […]

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