Why Corriveau Contracting is for You

Deciding on a contractor is one of the most important decisions a homeowner can make when considering remodeling in NH. You need to ask questions about references, estimates, experience, etc. and have faith that these contractors will respect your home and make it beautiful. For those living in southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts, that […]

Top Five Reasons to Finish Your Basement

Too many people in America are afraid to enter their basements. For years, basements have been the fodder for childhood nightmares and Stephen King plot points. There’s a reason for that. In too many homes, basements are damp and cold and unusable. When they are used, it’s for little more than tools and mousetraps. Remodeling […]

What Paint Color Feels Like Home?

Choosing a new paint color for your home is an essential step in making it feel like home. This is the place you’ll see down the street after a day at work and feel happy to return to. Picking a color to paint your home should excite you. You’re one step closer to the house […]

Preparing for a Paint Job

It’s always fun to change your home up and give it a fresh new look through home improvement services. One of the easiest ways to do so is getting an interior or exterior paint job. We’re always happy to provide some assistance through our painters in NH and give your home a splash of extra […]

Finding Home Improvement Inspiration

One of the best parts about being a homeowner is that the whole space is yours to do with as you choose. Those types of projects are our favorite because we get to do lots of fun work and transform a space from head to toe. Still, it can be challenging to find the right […]

Why You Should Consider Bathroom Remodels

Home renovation usually gets reserved for rooms that are the focal point of your space. When you picture home decor, you probably think of living room painting or furniture. However, a bathroom is used just as (if not more) often as these visible spaces and deserves some consideration. Have you considered bathroom remodels? If not, […]

Four Things To Consider Before An Addition

A great thing about owning property is how much customization you can do. Whether you want to paint a room or add some flair to the exterior, there’s plenty of home improvement in NH practices that you can find to make your home the best it can be. An addition is a great way to […]

Three Ways To Make Bathroom Remodels A Success

Since it gets used so often and is an integral part of any home, the bathroom is a prominent place to keep in shape. That’s why bathroom remodels are so popular and why we’re proud to offer them! However, there’s plenty of room for error if you don’t bear the process in mind. Follow the […]

How To Make Home Decor Work For Everyone

Getting everything settled for home remodels is an opportunity to make your place look like a dream. Finally, you get to fix appliances, furnish your home, or paint that wall you’ve always disliked. While having a say in your decor is critical, it’s also essential to ensure that the people living with you enjoy their […]

Three Things To Consider Before Bathroom Remodels

As fun as remodeling your home is, there are plenty of practical issues to consider as you move through the project. While Corriveau Contracting can take care of the more delicate details, it’s always good to check on a few things before we enter your home. Bathroom remodels can get tricky, so be sure to […]