Home Improvement Ideas for the Winter

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, and this winter seems to have gotten an early start on that snowfall. As the temperatures drop and holiday season comes about, you spend less time outdoors and more time in the comfort of your home. Since you’re spending so much more time inside, you’re beginning to notice areas […]

Top Reasons to Upgrade Your Siding This Winter

Just when you think you’re prepared for anything, New England has to offer you, winter decides to come for Thanksgiving instead of Christmastime. An unseasonably cold fall is a surefire way to get you thinking about the long cold months ahead. While so many try to keep their thermostat off until the end of November, […]

Safety for Roofing in Cold Weather

Your roof is the primary defense between your home and the outside world. A good roof not only protects from rain and leaves falling from the sky, but it also keeps you warm. It’s important to stay on top of roofing in NH during this time of year because your roof affects the overall behavior […]

Autumnal Colors for Your Walls

Fall is the season for inspiration! Well, that’s not actually true. Spring tends to be the season for inspiration what with nature blooming all around you. However, fall is the season of inspiration when it comes to colors. The chill weather and changing leaves create a specific feeling in people. It’s a calming and comforting […]

Top Five Questions to Ask Your Contractors

With any home improvement project comes a lot of responsibility. Homeowners place a certain amount of trust in their general contractor in NH. They trust them to go into their home, tear it apart, and put it back together in the homeowner’s vision. It takes communication and collaboration between the homeowner and the contractor. To […]

Signs You Need New Siding

Everybody wants a beautiful home. That much is certain. Sure, people always love to buy a good ole fixer-upper, but only with the intent of making it beautiful. Siding is the first thing people will see on the house seeing as it covers the entire exterior. Updating your siding is a worthwhile investment on any […]

Five Reasons You Should Add a Deck

Every home only has a certain amount of space to occupy. The same can be said for yards. That’s why considering a deck as your next project for home improvement in NH is such a good idea. Decks make extra space for entertaining and relaxation. On top of being a beautiful place to relax, decks […]

Why Corriveau Contracting is for You

Deciding on a contractor is one of the most important decisions a homeowner can make when considering remodeling in NH. You need to ask questions about references, estimates, experience, etc. and have faith that these contractors will respect your home and make it beautiful. For those living in southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts, that […]

Top Five Reasons to Finish Your Basement

Too many people in America are afraid to enter their basements. For years, basements have been the fodder for childhood nightmares and Stephen King plot points. There’s a reason for that. In too many homes, basements are damp and cold and unusable. When they are used, it’s for little more than tools and mousetraps. Remodeling […]

What Paint Color Feels Like Home?

Choosing a new paint color for your home is an essential step in making it feel like home. This is the place you’ll see down the street after a day at work and feel happy to return to. Picking a color to paint your home should excite you. You’re one step closer to the house […]