Why You Should Consider Bathroom Remodels

Home renovation usually gets reserved for rooms that are the focal point of your space. When you picture home decor, you probably think of living room painting or furniture. However, a bathroom is used just as (if not more) often as these visible spaces and deserves some consideration. Have you considered bathroom remodels? If not, […]

Four Things To Consider Before An Addition

A great thing about owning property is how much customization you can do. Whether you want to paint a room or add some flair to the exterior, there’s plenty of home improvement in NH practices that you can find to make your home the best it can be. An addition is a great way to […]

Three Ways To Make Bathroom Remodels A Success

Since it gets used so often and is an integral part of any home, the bathroom is a prominent place to keep in shape. That’s why bathroom remodels are so popular and why we’re proud to offer them! However, there’s plenty of room for error if you don’t bear the process in mind. Follow the […]

How To Make Home Decor Work For Everyone

Getting everything settled for home remodels is an opportunity to make your place look like a dream. Finally, you get to fix appliances, furnish your home, or paint that wall you’ve always disliked. While having a say in your decor is critical, it’s also essential to ensure that the people living with you enjoy their […]

Three Things To Consider Before Bathroom Remodels

As fun as remodeling your home is, there are plenty of practical issues to consider as you move through the project. While Corriveau Contracting can take care of the more delicate details, it’s always good to check on a few things before we enter your home. Bathroom remodels can get tricky, so be sure to […]

Why Should You Add A Deck To Your Home?

At Corriveau Contracting, we can be your contractor for anything. From painting to siding, we can complete any job, even adding a deck for your family to enjoy. A deck is not just a clunky wooden structure anymore. They can add beauty and space to your home. In New England summers, the weather can get […]

Best Floors For High Traffic Areas

When you have high traffic areas that seem to take out even the most durable flooring, it is time to consider which flooring you have in your high traffic area. Certain flooring options perform great under high traffic areas while others don’t. The best thing is that there is no need to compromise you homes […]

Myths About Siding

Any siding contractor hears a lot about vinyl siding when we talk to clients about switching over from shingles to a siding. Some are accurate and valid concerns, but others just make no sense today. Much of what we hear tends to be myths that have been passed down for generations since the inception of vinyl siding. […]

From Horse Hair To Drywall

When you hire Corriveau Contracting to do any additions or any home improvement in NH, if a wall needs to get built, drywall is the way to go. Many newer homes will use drywall, while in many older homes, you will find its predecessor, plaster. The evolution to drywall was imminent because it was not […]

Insulated Siding

Look around at home in your neighborhood. How many homes have cedar shingles anymore? It is probably slim to none, especially if you live in a community with newly built homes. Siding in New Hampshire has exploded in popularity since used years ago. Siding is practically maintenance free compared to cedar shingles. Another reason that […]