Why Winter Is the Time to Finish Your Basement

When you’re planning your home remodels, you are most likely expecting to start these projects in the spring at the earliest. But there are some remodels, even major ones, that you can do in the winter. At Corriveau Contracting, we don’t let the cold stop us (although sometimes the snow slows us down a little). If you’re unsure about starting a remodeling project in the winter, let us explain why it’s a great time to finish your basement.


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Shorter Wait Times

The biggest advantage to doing any remodeling project in the winter is that you can get it done faster because contractors tend to be less busy. In the summer or early fall, contractors often have full schedules for months. If you’re trying to get on someone’s schedule, you will find yourself waiting a while until other clients’ home remodels are finished. If you need permits from your town or city, you also won’t have to wait as long in the winter. This is for the same reason; fewer people are filing for permits.


While you might get things done sooner in the winter, it is still wise to do certain home remodels in the warm weather. Here’s why finishing your basement in particular is a good project for the winter.


Better Energy Efficiency

Unfinished basements are often not insulated, which can contribute to energy loss in your home. Because the goal of finishing your basement is to have another comfortable space to work or hang out, the contractors will install more and better insulation. By improving the insulation in the winter months, you will notice the difference in your energy costs nearly immediately. Plus, you’ll have another comfortable place in your home to spend time!


Don’t Disrupt Your Holidays

People often shy away from starting remodeling projects in the winter because of the holidays. The holidays are already a busy time, and having work done on your house is just added stress. But if you have an unfinished basement, you won’t be using it to host any holiday guests or festivities, anyway. So having contractors working down there won’t be disruptive as it would be if they were redoing your kitchen, for example.


home remodels

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