2 Advantages of Choosing Vinyl Siding in NH


Living in New England, we know how damaging the winter season can be to a home’s siding. After months of harsh winds, snow, and ice, homeowners may be left facing less than desirable results, especially if we’re talking about cedar siding. Although spring is still a few months ahead, you may already be planning for a siding replacement. Now is just as good of a time as any to assess the possibilities and explore the benefits of vinyl siding in NH.

Vinyl siding in NH has become quite popular over the past few years because of its aesthetic and functional properties. Unlike cedar, vinyl requires little maintenance to maintain the ‘like new’ appearance.

Here, we’re providing you with a professional view of why vinyl siding is a forerunner in our eyes.


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A variety of options.

One of the most significant benefits that pop into mind is the wide variety of colors and styles vinyl siding offers. There are limitless combinations for siding, trim, and accent work allowing homeowners full creativity in their curb appeal. Thus, vinyl siding quickly becomes a fun and exciting material to work with. Not only will your home reflect your personality, but you will also have the fresh, clean look you were hoping to achieve!



Properties and Maintenance

Unlike other siding materials, vinyl siding is not as susceptible to insect infestation and nesting. Furthermore, the physical properties of the material make it challenging for elements to penetrate the barrier. This property is significant because moisture comes rot. Water within the siding also becomes a potential breeding ground for harmful mold and mildew. 

Beyond providing superior durability, vinyl siding is also a natural energy-efficient material. Reducing heat (or cooling) loss, you may be pleasantly surprised with a lower energy bill. 


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Worried about the care for such a superior product? Don’t be. With a seasonal power wash, your vinyl will look as good as new for the spring and summer seasons. Besides, it’s exceptionally resilient and rarely fades, warps, or cracks!


At Corriveau Contracting, we are professional contractors of siding in NH. With the knowledge and experience to handle any of your siding needs, you can have confidence that your home will be protected.

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