Residential Remodeling Contractors Are Adding Value To Homes!

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Many residential remodeling contractors are finding more requests for remodels, thanks to the uptick in the housing market. Of course, we all want a ROI (return on investment) for our home, and the biggest question we get asked is regarding home remodels. This season, home additions may be one of the biggest trends for homeowners, and here are a few reasons to jump on the remodeling trend.

Do Remodels Add Value?

Yes! In general, home additions and remodels will add value to your home. However, the amount of value will vary based on certain factors. 

  • The amount of value your new addition will add will depend on your home’s previous size and the new size. 
  • The type of addition is essential. Did you add a room over your garage or a deck? While both will add value, they won’t be equal.
  • The location of your home will still play a significant factor in home value, regardless of the addition. 

Did you know? According to Ownerly, adding a primary suite to your home may offer a ROI of up to 65%! 

Is It Worth it?

Again, we have to answer with a resounding yes! Aside from adding value to your home, additions and remodels can be a necessary improvement to your home’s layout. If you’re looking for a more practical flow or open-concept living space, remodeling or adding space will undoubtedly create a better living area. If you have the means and the area to build an addition, the cost to build will be much less than the alternative stress of moving. However, keep in mind that construction takes time and consider the impact of this disruption and the cost. 

Our Residential Remodeling Contractors Add Property Value

In general, home additions are an excellent investment for your property! If you’re considering a remodel or home addition this year, check out our services to see what we can do for your home. 


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