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There are several home renovations that you can do once spring rolls around. A simple way to improve the look of your entire property is to repaint the exterior of your home. But there are more than just aesthetic benefits to repainting your house. At Corriveau Contracting Services, house painting is one of our specialties. Here are some of the benefits of repainting your house this spring from some expert painters in NH.


Give your property a facelift.

Although repainting your house has benefits beyond its look, the visual improvement can’t be denied. If your property is looking a little run-down, repainting your house will give it a new life. If you don’t like how your house makes you feel when you look at it, a new color can change that. White paint projects cleanliness, while gray gives an aura of elegance. Warm colors like yellow are inviting, and cool colors like blues and greens instill feelings of peace and calm.


Protect your siding.

In addition to making your house look better, fresh paint also provides a barrier to protect it from the elements. Wind, rain, ice, and snow beat away at your siding and can cause serious damage over time. If you have wood siding, paint protects it from decay and water damage. Paint also deters ants and termites. Bugs that want to eat your wood don’t like paint, varnish, or lacquer, so if they can’t get to the wood through the paint, they won’t chew on it.


Increase your property value.

If you’re considering selling your home—even a few years down the road—fresh paint can boost your property value. In terms of major home renovations, repainting your house is a relatively inexpensive way to improve your home and increase its value. Repainting your home could even boost the value of your whole neighborhood, something to consider if you’re of a neighborly disposition.

Expert Painters in NH

If you’ve been considering repainting your home, spring is a great time to go it. Our expert painters at Corriveau Contracting Services are ready to give your home the makeover it deserves. It’s your home, you want to know that it’s beautiful inside and out.


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