Home Improvement in NH: Remodeling your basement

In New England, we know that most homes have basements that go unused or are merely used as storage spaces. With Corriveau Contracting, however, we can remodel that musky basement of yours into an inviting and comfortable living area. Home improvement in NH is just one of our many specialties. And carpentry is but another. The same professional work we put into our roofing jobs, our decks, and vinyl siding jobs, go into our basement remodeling projects. The first, and perhaps most important, aspect of refinishing a basement is insulation.


An image showing a basement about to be remodeled.



Converting your basement

The image above shows how the insulation and drywall process with a basement remodeling project. Once we’ve covered the unsightly concrete and frame of your basement, your home becomes less susceptible to flood damage. Further, the basement as a whole can be looked at from a design perspective. Instead of being a magnet for junk and other debris, your basement can take on a whole new role as part of your home. It can be a cozy get away from the rest of the house or be turned into a room to entertain guests.


An image showing a fully remodeled basement.


While working on home improvement, Corriveau Contracting will paint the interior of your basement; install new closet spaces and doors, as well as design and build an entirely new, comfortable, customized, spacious room for your family and friends. And, as well all know, it’s a seller’s market these days. If listing your home is in the near future, adding usable square footage to your home always provides a must more competitive and higher return on your investment.


Spend this winter enjoying the extra space indoors with the ultimate basement remodel from the most expereinced, professional experts at Corriveau Cotnracting. If you’re interested in remodeling your basement, feel free to contact Corriveau Contracting for the most trusted services in Souther NH (603)-880-9988.