Planning Fall Renovations: Roofing in Nashua NH

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Home renovations are a big deal. You’re transforming the look, feel, and layout of your home! While not always the most exciting repair, roofing in Nashua, NH, is an integral part of the whole picture. Especially in the fall, a new roof can mean the difference when it comes to winter weather. Avoid ice dams, missing shingles, and leaks with a quality roofing replacement!

But the critical thing to remember is that you should always choose a good contractor for the job. So today, Corriveau Contracting has tips on what you can do to make your home improvement a little easier on you and your pocket.




It is essential to have your plan in writing and drawings. First things first, make sure you know what you need for everything and what your timeline is. Make sure you are meticulous, especially if you have a deadline you aim for, like if you want things done by a celebration. Also, there’s a plan for every hiccup!




Review how much everything will cost you. From walls to the finishing touches on cabinets, make sure that you know the final cost. Also, make sure that you have a contingency budget. This will make sure that any bumps you hit in the road will ensure that you will be able to cover it just in case.




When you are on a tight budget, look at your home improvement list. Decide what needs to be done first for safe living. If you are remodeling, say a bathroom, for the sake of wanting a new bathtub, but your roof needs to be replaced, you should consider the roof replacement versus the remodel if your budget is tight. Furthermore, decide what you can salvage from the old room to put into the new space.


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Contractor for Roofing in Nashua, NH


Honestly, there are certain things that you would be better off hiring a contractor for. Many contractors are insured, licensed, and will know what permits they need to get. You are fully covered many times if something goes wrong, depending on how their insurance is. But you need to be careful and check them out. Also, get a few quotes from different places and get them in writing. Don’t be afraid to look into what it would take for DIY as well. If it is simply replacing a toilet, you may get away doing it yourself without any issue.