Home Debate: Porch Versus Decks


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Homeowners understand curb appeal and the raising the value of their home over time. Plus, home renovation projects are an extension of who you are as a family! Decks and porches are a popular way of making your home more functional and appealing. Looking for porch or deck construction contractors to help achieve your new goal? No problem! Consider Corriveau Contracting. Our team of professionals has years of experience and is ready to help you decide what home upgrade is right for you. 


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The Differences. 


There are a few to between the purpose of a porch and deck. Both of these additions attach to the home and lead directly outside. But, a porch is a covered addition to the house and is most often added to the front. Thus, porches are more of an entryway. Many homeowners opt to screen in their front porch so it can be used year-round and to avoid pesky insects!


On the other hand, a deck is uncovered and open and typically is attached to the back of the home. Decks become an extension of the backyard’s recreational space. This is because they provide easy access to gardens, grills, pools, or any other toys. Plus, many homeowners add built-in bars or benches to their decks for permanent furnishings. 


Installation Process.


The construction of porches and decks are similar. The main difference is that a porch requires a new roof, whereas a deck is open. Do you have a porch or deck already and want to improve it? That’s easy! But, if you do not currently have a  porch or deck, the construction process will be more difficult. Why? Well, when it comes to porches, you need to follow or build a new roofline to attach the new roof safely.


So, if your home currently does not have a porch roofline, it can be challenging and more expensive to install. Therefore, it might be more accessible and a better idea to focus on design to bring your backyard to the next level. 


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Porch and Deck Construction Contractors


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