NH Home Remodels That Sell

With the real estate market still on a steady uptick, getting the most for your money is tricky. Often, houses go into bidding wars within hours, if not days, of the initial listing. Thus, NH home remodels are truly paying off. As a homeowner looking to sell, there are a few ways to quickly increase the value, raising that bidding war through the ceiling.

Here’s a look at a few of the top requested remodels from Corriveau Contracting.


Kitchen remodels.

It’s known that kitchens and bathrooms can sell a home – especially your kitchen. Generally, this area is one of the first that buyers will notice. The kitchen is the hub of the family. However, depending on the new for remodeling, focusing on the kitchen can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000.

If you’re planning on moving, a major overhaul may not be in the budget. If not, consider focusing on elements like the flooring, countertops, cabinets, and paint. Remodeling these few items can save money while giving your outdated, dark kitchen the curb-appeal buyers desire.


kitchen remodels nh


Bathroom remodels.

Similarly, an old, outdated bathroom could be enough to make a buyer run. Imagine walking into a carpeted bathroom. The smell of mold fills the air as a color scheme from the 1970s engulfs your vision. No thanks.

Updated flooring, new faucets and countertops, and a fresh coat of paint go a long way for a budget-friendly facelift.


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NH roofing.

It’s an inevitable task, but replacing your roof is part of owning a home. Unfortunately, roof repair or replacement is not the cheapest fix either. So, as a potential buyer, the last thing you’ll want on your shoulders is the added expense of a much need repair.

As a seller, investing in a new roof is worth every penny. Not only will you keep the interest of all buyers, but you could attract more views with a stylish new roof. If new roofing isn’t in the budget, you may want to consider reimbursing closing costs or offering an incentive to the buyer.


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When it comes to NH home remodels, there are a few areas that buyers appreciate more than others. Whether it’s an outdated kitchen or bathroom, deteriorating roofing or siding, Corriveau Contractors is here to help.

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