Is Your NH Roofing Vocabulary Up to Par?

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Everyone has been there: talking to an industry professional and feeling completely lost in what they are saying. That is because every industry has a set of definitions and terms that professionals know and refer to when discussing a job. It’s not on purpose, but their lingo is something to be aware of as a consumer. So, when you need to ask a question about certain phases, or are trying to understand the explanation of pricing, you get it! The same rule applies to roofing in NH. Every roofing contractor will know quickly identify the type of roof and make recommendations – but are you prepared to keep up with the conversation?

There are typically a few terms that you should understand in laymen’s terms relatively quickly without needing to question. Here at Corriveau Contracting, we’ve put our brains together to come up with five good to know words when you begin to work with your contractor for your roofing project. 


Gable Roof

The term gable refers to a popular roof style in New England. Known mainly for its slope, a gable roof is distinctive and fairly easy to recognize. The slope allows for ideal water drainage, as well as keeps snow from piling in one area. Gable roofs are a triangular shape and typically meet in the middle of the house from either side. A gable roof is compromised of two sloping sides.



Hip Roof

The hip roof is also gaining popularity in New England for the same reasons as the gable roof. Like the gable, a hip roof allows for water and snow to be dispersed and slide away from home. However, hip roofs are not reliant on two sloping sides like the gable. Hip roofs have four sides which slope towards the middle of the house.




When a NH roofing contractor refers to your home’s eaves, they’re talking about the edges. Eaves are edges of the roof that overhang the home’s surface. Sometimes used as decorative pieces, eaves are also functional in directing water away from the home.


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The highest point of the roof where planes intersect is called the ridge. The terms ridge board and ridge beam are often interchangeable during roof installation or replacement. The horizontal line created by the ridge runs the length of the roof and provides a structural connection.



No, we’re not talking about the rake you use in the yard. The rake of a roof is the exposed outer portion, particularly on a gable roof, extending from the eave to the ridge. The rake board stops water from running behind the siding.



When it comes to roofing in NH, you don’t need to be an expert when you have a team you can trust. At Corriveau Contracting, we take pride in our work by delivering the highest-quality services in a manner that people understand. Your roof is an investment, and you should understand its elements!

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