8 Benefits of Working with Our Professional Painters in NH

NH, choosing which company to entrust can be an overwhelming decision.  This may lead to a little DIY painting and potential results that don’t quite live up to vision you have in mind.

When you consider the team at Corriveau Contracting, you can have peace of mind.  With years of industry experience, there are very few that can compete with our professional, courteous, skilled team.  As prudent home or business owners, we’re sure you’ve done your research, or are in process of doing so.  So, we’re making your task a bit easier by providing you with the top eight reasons why you should choose us when it comes time for that fresh new coat of paint.


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  1. Color Expertise

    While the majority of painters consider “light blue” a universal color, the most experienced team will understand the difference between “charismatic sky” and “wave top.” Not only can our team distinguish the wide range of colors, but we can also explain the differences and how they’ll affect your space.

  2. Skills

    Grabbing a brush and getting to work may seem like an easy task but, when you see professional painters in action, you may be surprised at the work involved.  From preparation to painting techniques, only experienced, professional painters in NH have the skill set your home or business deserves.

  3. Experience

    Knowledge and experience are a must when it comes to painting. From color advice, paint selection, and the ability to explain each phase of the painting process, you can have peace of mind.

  4. Lead abatement

    An aspect often overlooked when hiring painters is the potential presence of lead paint; especially if your home or building was built before 1978. Thus, knowing your hired team has the training to deal lead containing paint is crucial.

  5. Surface preparation

    It’s incredibly important to paint on a smooth surface. Our painters prepare your walls by washing them, filling cracks or holes, sanding, and applying primer before the new paint application is applied.

  6. Quality paint and tools

    Using only the highest quality paint, combined with the best tools in the industry, you can have confidence in superior results.

  7. Quick results

    Because of our experience, our painters have evolved into finely tuned painting machines that get the job done quickly and with precision.

  8. Cleanup

    A huge benefit of hiring any professional team, is not having to worry about cleaning up the mess. Painting is messy, but with experience and knowledge, you’re furniture and other belongings will be protected! No drips, no spills, no messes, and no worries when you work with Corriveau Contracting!


If you’re looking for the best painters in NH, contact us at 603-880-9988.