NH Siding: Why You Should Consider Vinyl

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When thinking of home improvement in NH during the spring, often what comes to most homeowner’s minds is enhancing the exterior look of their property. There’s no eyesore worse than a beautiful house plagued by peeling paint, missing pieces of siding, or other aesthetic flaws caused by weathered, old NH siding.

How many times have you seen a home and thought to yourself, “Wow, that house has seen better days.” It’s amazing how common this thought crosses our minds. As we envision luxury homes plastered in magazines and media, you’d be surprised at how easily vinyl siding can enhance a tired appearance.   

As professional siding contractors in NH, our team has come to learn how beneficial new vinyl siding can be to the overall look and value of your home. As an alternative to cedar siding (which needs to be painted relatively often in New England), vinyl siding requires no painting, little maintenance, and is installed with far less time and effort.



One of the most exciting aspects of committing to new siding is the opportunity for change.  Vinyl siding offers homeowners more color than ever before.  Turning your dingy, weathered, brown wood home into a beautiful pale yellow structure of happiness with ease has never been more attainable.

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Going back to the wood home for a minute, as an owner, you understand that this material is a labor of love.  From staining to painting, wood homes require a lot of time, money, and effort.  However, vinyl siding is the opposite.  Eliminating the need for painting, homeowners have more time on their hands and dollars in their pockets.  When it comes to yearly maintenance, power washing your vinyl in the spring is generally all your NH siding requires.


Overall value of your home

Not only does home improvement provide the fresh look and feel that many people desire, but some projects may increase the value of your home.  A win-win situation if you ask us. Upgrading your siding just so happens to fall into that category.  Consistently holding its resale value, vinyl siding returns around 75% of its cost upon the sale of a home.


When it comes to choosing NH siding for your home, there are several benefits of installing vinyl. From affordability to durability, our team at Corriveau Contracting is here help.  Give us a call today to delve further into the benefits, colors, and surprisingly affordable home renovation that you’ve been dreaming about. (603) 880-9988.