NH Home Improvement: 4 Popular Spring Projects



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The spring season marks a time for change, renewal, and rejuvenation. So it’s natural that homeowners shift their focus to home improvement in NH. After the cold New England days of winter, making changes to your home is just the thing many people need to shake the winter blues.

At Corriveau Contracting, we specialize in all aspects of home improvement in NH. From painting to siding to building new additions to adding new decks to homes and everything in between, we’re a versatile construction company that can handle anything and everything you could ask for. In this article, we’re taking a look at the top four spring home improvement projects to put a spring in your step and let you enjoy your home in ways you never imagined.



Building a deck

Adding a deck to your home lets you enjoy the sunny days ahead, while also providing you with a comfortable place for dining and entertaining guests. Nothing is quite as relaxing as combining the backdrop of mother-nature with the convenience of a new deck. Also, they come in a wide variety of sizes, are built quickly, and can be designed with materials that are tough enough to withstand our unpredictable New England weather.



Updating your siding

While huddled up inside your home during the winter months, the exterior of your home probably took quite a beating. Spring is the perfect time to have your siding inspected and possibly replaced. Giving your home a fresh new look and feel while adding energy-efficient features is a win-win.



Installing a sun-room or enclosed porch

Just because we live in New England doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the sun from inside our homes. Adding a sun-room to your home using energy-efficient windows allows homeowners full enjoyment of the sun. By naturally warming the inside of your home, you’ll also create a beautiful window to the outside world.


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Repairing or replacing your roof

Wet heavy snow and ice storms may have taken a toll on your roof. Moisture may have seeped into the creases and cracks in your roof, causing shingles to warp, peel, or even to disintegrate. The professional roofers at Corriveau Contracting can assess the current state of your roof and design a plan of action that suits your unique needs.


Spring is the perfect time of year to tackle home improvement in NH. Whether inside or out, our team at Corriveau Contracting will provide you with results that exceed your expectations. Call today for more information 603-880-9988.