NH Painters Are Saying Bye To the Gray Days of Winter

Well, in your home, at least since NH painters like those at Corriveau Contracting are busy keeping up with the latest trends! Gray took homes by storm over the past few years; from walls to floors, appliances to countertops – gray was incorporated into nearly element of the home. 

However, according to a recent article by Better Homes & Gardens, grays are moving out, and earth tones are moving in for 2020.  In this article, we’re highlighting the top six colors predicted to be making a substantial appearance in (and out) of homes this year.

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Earth Tones

Whether you’re looking for a complete overhaul or to highlight an accent wall, rich earth tones are the perfect solution in almost any environment.  With bold shades of browns or deep olive greens, you’re sure to make a statement anywhere in the home.  However, the earthly undertones will create a soothing feeling as guests enter the room and connect to nature.

Soft Pastels

Although this trend isn’t new, pale pinks, greens, and blues will continue making their way into homes this year.  Again, calming hues help to create a softer vibe within the home.  Furthermore, pastels are excellent foundation choices for palettes incorporating brighter colors, and even painted cabinetry.

Muted Colors

Even though NH painters are expected to see a lot of earth tones, we’d lie if we said color wasn’t making a comeback.  However, instead of the previously bold bursts of color, this year color is taking it down a few notches.  Subtle undertones that attract the eye with a statement are the perfect addition to rooms with high ceilings.

Stormy Blues

When it comes to trendy blues, this year expect to see more of the dark and stormy shades.  For instance, Sherwin Williams 2020 color of the year, Naval, is a perfect example of a classic midnight blue that adds elegance and depth to your room.  Combined with pops of white, your room will look sophisticated in no time at all.

Photo credit: Sherwin Williams

Warm Neutrals

On the other spectrum, if you’re not the bold type, that’s okay too! Neutrals will always be present when it comes to both interior and exterior painting.  However, this year is focusing on warmer tones of beiges, tans, and even grays. If you’re looking for a subtle hint of color, be sure to check out this slide show with tips on decorating in neutrals.

Earthly Greens

Staying in line with the overall tone of the year, of course, we have to mention earthy green tones.  These colors are perfect for exterior visual interest.  If you’ve been considering painting your front door, shutters, or even your entire home, be sure to take a look at dulled greens like sage, moss, and even olives.

For all of your painting needs this year, be sure to contact the only NH painters that can keep you up to date with the current trends, Corriveau Contracting! Contact us today for your consultation (603) 880-9988.