Cosmetic Home Remodels to Increase Market Interest

Although the peak of the moving season is behind us, many homes are still on the market.  With buyers continually looking to relocate for one reason or another; there is never a bad time to list your home.  However, during the slower season, it is imperative to grab the attention of potential buyers right away.  With a few cosmetics home remodels, you can have the home that buyers go into bidding wars over.


One of the quickest ways to revamp the interior, or exterior, of your home is with a fresh coat of paint.  However, keep in mind that if your ultimate goal is to place your home on the market; buyers prefer a neutral palate.  Putting your personal preferences aside is key to creating an appealing atmosphere.  The additions of class beiges and lighter grays will create a clean, classic look.  Neutral paint also allows for potential buyers to easily envision their own touches, making it their home.

Add Crown Molding

An easy DIY, crown molding around the home adds an upscale, elegant feel to any home.  Whether your home has a country or modern theme, crown molding is versatile enough to fit into any space.  However, if you’re not the handy type you may want to consider contacting a local professional contractor.  A bad crown molding job can stick out like a sore thumb.

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Refinish Your Flooring

Over the years a wood floor can take a beating.  Although they are highly resistant to the test of time, wood flooring will show the love it endures. With some sanding and a few coats of stain, your flooring can be back to an optimal state.  Worried about coloring changes in the wood? Don’t fret it too much; people love the uniqueness wood floors take over time.  Character is key as long as it’s kept up with.

Update Your Fixtures

One of the biggest turnoffs in a home is old, outdated fixtures.  If you’re taking the time to remodel areas of your home, be sure not to neglect lighting, bath, and kitchen fixtures.  These are possibly some of the most effortless updates but also the most overlooked.  For example, considering walking through a newly updated home, gorgeous inside and out.  Then you look up and see a sea of brass.  No thank you. Similarly, your bath and kitchen faucets, handles, and lighting can make or break a potential offer.

If you’re considering home remodels but aren’t quite sure where to start, contact the team at Corriveau Painting. From remodeling to roofing, we provide the array of services your home needs to be market ready.  Contact us today and let our experts assist you! (603) 880-9988.