Roofing in NH or MA: The Benefits of GAF Roofs

Having a “roof over your head,” isn’t merely a well-known saying, it’s an essential part of human survival. As a homeowner, you understand that your roof is the first line of defense against natures harsh elements. Thus, it’s essential to not only maintain but be sure it’s effective and installed professionally. At Corriveau Contracting, we have been taking care of roofing in NH and MA for over a decade.  Not only can we provide the experience you need, but the licensing your home remodel requires.

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The GAF Advantage

Whether you’re planning on selling your home, or have found your forever home, high-quality roofing increases the value of your home.  Not only is your value increased, but you’ll also be provided with a peace of mind.  Because they’re built to last, GAF roofing is known as America’s favorite roof.  Second to none, a GAF Lifetime Roofing System has proven to offer safe, long-lasting protection against nature’s elements. However, with several options available, the choice can sometimes be overwhelming.

However, GAF roofing makes the decision an easy one.  Not only does GAF roofing provide superior protection, but the company backs their product. The unique design will lie flatter, allowing moisture to escape your attic while simultaneously adding a significantly strong layer of protection against wind, rain, ice, and snow.  Also, GAF roofs provide a leak barrier layer that ensures protection against leaks that may be caused by extreme weather and roof settling.

As if the layer of protection wasn’t enough, GAF roofs provide starter strip shingles, Cobra® attic ventilation, and ridge cap shingles. The starter strip shingles reduce the risk of shingle blow-offs.  Whereas the attic ventilation works to remove extraneous moisture and heat from your home’s attic and reduces energy bills.  Lastly, the ridge cap shingles greatly enhance the beauty of your home while protecting against leaks at the ridges and hips of your roof.


The Corriveau Advantage

When you’ve come to the conclusion that you need roofing in NH, it is critical that you work with a licensed contractor that can provide years of expertise and experience. This is why working with Corriveau Contracting for your roofing needs is such a wise decision. Not only are we experienced and licensed, but we’re also fully insured and a certified GAF roofing installer. This means that we can provide our customers with the best roofing services and materials in the industry.

If you’re considering roofing replacement, talk to the experts at Corriveau Contracting.  With GAF roofing, you’ll receive a lifetime limited warranty on shingles, as well as on all GAF accessories.  Knowing your roof will go the distance ensures years of protection for your family.  Give Corriveau a call today at (603) 880-9988 and review the options available to you!