Fall Home Improvement Season is Almost Here

Although many homeowners consider Spring the ideal time for renovations, Fall is also the perfect time for home improvements in NH.  With the cooler air setting in, getting outside to access areas of the home becomes an easier task.  Hot attics have cooled, most of the moisture has passed, and many of the pesky insects have begun their hibernation cycle.  With that said, not all projects are suited for cold weather.  Here at Corriveau Contracting, we provide a variety of services that your home needs.  Below is a helpful list of improvements you may want to consider wrapping up this upcoming Fall season.

home improvement NH

Exterior Painting

Even though Fall provides New England with a breath of fresh air; it still offers plenty of warm days as well.  Thus, fall is the perfect time to start, finish, or even touch-up any exterior painting projects that may be on your list.  With snow around the corner, adding a layer of paint or sealer to surfaces can provide the protection your wood requires.  However, if exterior painting is something you’re considering, be sure to contact your local NH painters soon then later.  As most paints require temperatures above 50°, you’ll want to be sure you reserve ample time for your project to be completed.

Roof Repair

Often, summer storms and harsh sunrays can have damaging affects on roofing in NH.  If this is the case for you, hiring a licensed and insured roofing contractor to fix the issue before snowfall can save you hundreds down the road.  Even the smallest summertime leak can turn ugly in the winter.  

Patio and Walkway Repairs

Small cracks within your walkways or patios can expand with winter’s freezing temperatures.  Thus, if not now, Fall is the ideal time to make the needed repairs.  By hiring a professional, you can ensure the job is done with accuracy saving you unwanted headaches in the future.

Whatever small, or large, details your home requires, Corriveau Contracting is here for you.  We can help repair the tiniest of cracks to the largest of roof issues.  Home improvement in NH has been our specialty for over a decade.  Thanks to our experience and wealth of knowledge, our team is capable of executing a variety of tasks for all areas of your home.  To schedule your Fall appointment with Corriveau, give us a call today at (603) 880-9988 or visit us online for more information on the services we provide.