Top Trends for 2019 Kitchen Home Remodels

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Each year brings a new round of trends when it comes to home remodels.  With kitchen remodels being one of the top areas that homeowners focus on, staying in the know is essential.  Especially so if you plan on selling your home in the upcoming years. As the saying goes, kitchens and bathrooms can sell a home.  Outdated or overly personalized kitchens may deter potential buyers.  At Corriveau Contracting, we understand the importance of modernization.  Thus, we have created a list of the top kitchen trends for 2019 for your consideration.

Pops of Color

In one of the least expected places, pops of color are hitting the cabinets this year.  Whether they’re fully painted or combined with a contrasting color, bold, beautiful colors are taking the stage.  Rich hues of navy and burgundy are predominant. However, minty shades of green are also very trendy.  Many homeowners are taking this trend slowly and using accent cabinets to incorporate color into the kitchen.

Another excellent way to add some color to your kitchen is through the use of upholstery.  If you have any bench seating, replacing the cushioning, or even your curtains, with pops of color, will ensure your style is on trend.

Black is Back

Although classic and timeless, stainless steel is stepping down and making room for the reappearance of black appliances.  However, past times have brought convoluted kitchens with shiny black refrigerators, stoves, and so on.  Not this time though, black matte is what people can expect to see.  Resistant to fingerprints and pet smudges, matte black is not only beautiful but resilient.  Modern luxury at it’s best, the incorporation of these appliances will help to accent the color pop, should you choose to use one.

Tech Savvy Kitchens

Speaking of appliances, not only is the finish changing but expect to see changes in technologies as well.  For instance, the refrigerator is more sophisticated than ever.  With advancements including integrated cameras and high definition T.V., Wi-Fi, and more, you can expect the unexpected. 

Concealed Storage

Cleaner is always better, but 2019 is pushing the fact.  With concealed storage, a heightened request to hide everything is happening.  Homeowners want everything hidden, even the coffee pot.  This may seem inconvenient at first, but with a little adjusting your home will be the clutter-free, organized space you’d always hoped for!

With much to think of with home remodels, staying on trend will help to ensure the value of your home gets the highest return.  For more information on how we can help, contact us at or give our office a call at (603) 880-9988.