Roofing in Nashua, NH: Options of Shingle Roofing

roofing Nashua NH

Although roof repair or replacement involves much more than shingles, this component is the end game which people see.  Providing a variety of options to the homeowner, shingles have proven to be a solid choice when it concerns roofing in Nashua, NH.  The experts at Corriveau Contracting provide quality installation, ensuring years of protection for your home.  If you’re uncertain which type of roofing may be best for your home, here is a brief overview of some of the more popular types of shingles.



One of the most popular and affordable options is asphalt shingle.  Available in a vast array of sizes, color, and styles, you can be sure your roof stands out from the rest.  Often when driving through a housing development, you see the same style house repeated with the same style roofing.  Taking design into your own hands ensures your home stands out from the rest.

However, asphalt shingles have also proven to be a bit weaker than other alternatives.  Because of this, harsh winters and extreme heat have the potential to cause damage.  One of the most common need to repair an asphalt shingle is cracking.


Another stylish but costly option for your roof is tile shingles.  However, this type of roofing is typically not found in the New England area.  Because of the light colors offered, this type of roofing will help to deflect the hot rays of the sun.  That is why you often see this Mediterranean style shingle in more tropical climate areas. 


Laying somewhere between asphalt and tile in pricing, the wood shingle is the most eco-friendly option available.  This energy-efficient roofing can last a homeowner anywhere between 30 and 50 years.  However, one of the major concerns, and most significant drawbacks, of wood shingles is the vulnerability it has to catch fire.  Similarly, preventative measures must be taken at installation to ward off pests like termites and other wood-burrowing insects.


Offering some of the best water and damage resistant properties, slate roofing is ideal, if you have the budget.  Like tile, slate installation comes with a hefty installation cost.  Further, because of the physical weight of the tile and precision needed to install correctly, repairs are also on the higher side with roofing repairs. 

However, slate is an excellent choice for New England homes that are exposed to harsh weather.  With an average life ranging from 80-100 years, your investment will provide your home protection for years to come. 


No matter which roofing type you choose, hiring a professional with expertise and experience is essential.  Consider contacting Corriveau Contracting for your Nashua, NH roofing needs.  With over twenty years of experience, our certified and insured roofing installers will have your home protected for years to come.