Home Improvement in NH: Deck Season

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Now that the warmer days are making their appearance in New England, many homeowners are revisiting their to-do list.  From spring cleanup to home remodels, taking advantage of the short spring season is vital.  However, if you’re always on the go, with a never-ending daily list of things to do, it may make sense for you to take advantage of a trained professional.  The team at Corriveau Contracting specializes in all areas of home improvement in NH and MA.  Whether your home needs siding or you’re looking to expand your outdoor space, Corriveau Contracting has your needs covered. 


Sooner or later, like any element of your home, your deck will need a little TLC.  Most professionals agree that homeowners can expect to receive around 10-15 years of life from their deck.  If you’re nearing that time, perhaps you should consider a deck remodel.  If you find yourself leaning towards this thought, be sure to invest your time and money into a company with an excellent reputation.  Because this is an investment for your family, you should use the opportunity to update your deck to your current needs.  Perhaps your existing deck was perfect ten years ago however, families grow.  With the addition of added space, or maybe a multi-layer concept deck, you can remodel your deck and make it a comfortable space for entertaining.


Perhaps your deck is in perfect condition.  If so, chances are a light coat of stain may still be needed.  Whether the need is to preserve the wood, revive the appearance, or even change the overall look, there are a few things you need to know before jumping into the process.  Before you grab the brush, be sure to remove any existing stains.  By doing this, you are ensuring a smooth, even application with the new layer of stain.  After the stains are removed, your wood needs to be prepped.  Cleaning and sanding is a necessary step in the staining process.  Now that you’ve adequately prepared, the staining can begin!


When you contact a team of professionals, like those of Corriveau Contracting, you can be sure your home is in the best hands possible.  From restoration to complete remodels, Corriveau will make the upcoming season a memorable one.  Providing ample, customized space for your entire family, a new deck is only a phone call away.  For home improvement in NH, call Corriveau today at (603) 880-9988.