Drywall and Home Remodels

home remodels

Often, when it comes to older homes, the use of outdated materials is commonly found in the structure.  For instance, horsehair plaster was a conventional means of finishing a home in earlier days.  However, this antique method of plastering requires frequent repairs that can be costly over time.  For home remodels that require plaster replacement, drywall is a homeowners best option.  A cheaper alternative than plaster, drywall offers many long-lasting benefits that will keep your repairs budget friendly.


Although plaster has proven itself in strength, it requires maintenance.  Plaster, if not cared for properly, will crack and chip over time.  Whereas drywall will not crack. Another added benefit of drywall is that it is as fire-resistant as plaster. 

Sound Filtering

With certain tricks of the trade, contractors are able to reduce sound within your walls.  By using multiples layers of drywall, different thickness and gluing the panels together, you will find your home a much quieter environment. 


The nature of drywall makes it a versatile substance.  Often contractors come face to face with unusual situations that call for a bit of creativity.  Drywall can be easily cut into different shapes ensuring that your space is fully protected.  Also offering a variety of base materials to choose from, homeowners can be sure that they can find the perfect drywall to meet the needs of their home.


Because of the versatility that drywall provides, installation is typically a faster process.  Where plaster can take weeks to finish a home, drywall can generally be completed within a few days.  The large-scale panels are easily molded to specific jobs making the work hassle-free.  Furthermore, drywall does not require the extensive drying time that plaster needs to set.  A faster installation means less labor costs for the homeowner.  Saving time also means savings money. 


If you are starting to notice cracks in your plaster, sooner than later is better when it comes to repairs. Contact the professionals at Corriveau Contracting for your next home remodels.  With the expertise of their staff, your horsehair plaster will be removed and replaced with precision.  Enjoying a fresh, clean space is only a call away.  Call Corriveau today at (603) 880-9988.  Always going above and beyond for their customers, Corriveau Contracting ensures quality craftsmanship at affordable costs.