A Whole New Year for Home Remodels

With the New Year about to pop up ahead of us, it’s time to start making a list of New Year Resolutions. Most of these will be goals like working out more or eating healthier. Far too often, New Year Resolutions revolve around personal achievement. Sometimes you have to branch out and focus on improving your life as a whole. Why not put some of those home remodels you’ve always dreamed of on your list this year? Here are some common home remodels that will get your house thriving in 2019.


Nothing says “New Year, New You” quite like upgrading the paint in your home. An old room you’ve lived in for 17 years can feel like a whole new world after a good paint job.


The winter can wear away at the roof of your home. That can lead to leaks or drafts throughout your home. Upgrading your roof can ensure a safe and secure year in 2019.


The siding of your home is the first thing passersby will notice. If it’s starting to look faded or outdated, new siding is the perfect solution. It’s like a facelift for your house and helps save on energy bills.


Sometimes when you’ve lived in a house for a long time, it starts to feel cramped and small. One way to combat this feeling is to add an addition to your home. This creates more room for guests and loved ones. It also gives you more area to enjoy yourself.

Basement Refinishing

Few things make a house more desirable on the market than a finished basement. It keeps the basement from getting drafty and musty and gives you more living area. Whether you turn it to a bedroom or playroom, anything is better than a basement.

Adding home remodels to your list of New Year Resolutions is a smart choice for anybody looking to liven up there 2019. The New Year isn’t just about improving you but improving your life as a whole. Remodeling your home is the perfect start to reshaping your life to the life you always wanted. For contracting services, contact Corriveau Contracting at 603-880-9988 or visit us online.