Safety for Roofing in Cold Weather

Your roof is the primary defense between your home and the outside world. A good roof not only protects from rain and leaves falling from the sky, but it also keeps you warm. It’s important to stay on top of roofing in NH during this time of year because your roof affects the overall behavior of your home. Weak or damaged roofing can lead to increased energy costs and leaks through your ceilings. Get ahead of the game by fixing your roof as soon as possible. Keep these safety tips in mind for roofing in cold weather.

Keep Warm

Growing up in New England has given us different levels of immunity to frigid weather. Technically speaking, cold weather is defined as falling under 50° Fahrenheit and/or 10° Celsius. Any temperature that falls in these intervals will affect your body’s mobility. Be sure to bundle up to keep your body heat from escaping.

Watch Your Step

You never know what you’re going to get with New England weather. The sky is just as likely to be bright and sunny as it is to be gray and throwing snow in your face. Roofing in NH is a dangerous job in the winter because snowfall covers hidden debris. Branches and leaves make it harder to maneuver on a rooftop. The snow can also hide features like skylights or the damage you’ve climbed to fix. Be sure to watch your step.

Know Your Materials

The cold temperatures don’t just affect your body. The tools and materials you use in roofing will be adversely affected by the drop in temperatures too. Asphalt shingles are a perfect example. In cold weather, asphalt shingles become brittle. To avoid this, they must be stored in a warm environment until they’re ready for use. The same goes for tools like nail guns to prevent stalling and jamming.

There’s never an excuse for unsafe roofing in NH. When it comes to cold temperatures, it’s best to be prepared and now the hazards you face. The only way to know your roof is in good hands is to call the professionals. Contact Corriveau Contracting at 603-880-9988 or visit them online.