Autumnal Colors for Your Walls

Fall is the season for inspiration! Well, that’s not actually true. Spring tends to be the season for inspiration what with nature blooming all around you. However, fall is the season of inspiration when it comes to colors. The chill weather and changing leaves create a specific feeling in people. It’s a calming and comforting sensation that promotes nostalgia and home-cooking. Because of this, the colors of fall are perfect for home improvement in NH. Colors like these will brighten up any home and leave you feeling the coziness of fall all year round.

Benjamin Moore: Fields of Gold

Just the name “fields of gold” elicits that natural, Americana vibe. This paint color from Benjamin Moore is perfect for a dining room. The color is reminiscent of the wheat fields from middle America as well as the brilliant leaves falling in New England.

Farrow and Ball: Orangery

Two words have come to dominate autumn time in the United States: pumpkin spice. This color is perfect for those who crave that taste. No, you can’t eat it, but it’ll act as a visual reminder of the sweetness of this time of year.

Ralph Lauren: Baja Orange

Not every autumn color will be deep with brown undertones. Baja orange is bright and in your face. Imagine spending your day in a pumpkin patch finding the best ones to turn into Jack-O-Lanterns. That’s the color of Baja Orange.

Benjamin Moore: Heritage Red

Another fall crowd pleaser next to pumpkin spice is apple everything. Apple cider, apple pie, apple crisp, and many more are staples of the fall. This deep red looks like the skin of McIntosh apples or the leaves changing colors overhead. Heritage red makes a stunning kitchen the next time you need home improvement in NH.

Sherwin Williams: Weathered Oak

Browns and wooden colors always call back to fall weather. As the leaves start to fall, you see the bark underneath. Sometimes you think of fires crackling in their fireplaces. Weathered oak looks great in a library and promotes study.


Bring the fall weather into your home this season. When it comes to home improvement in NH, nature holds all the inspirations you need. For professional painters in your area, contact Corriveau Contracting at 603-880-9988 or visit them online.