Signs You Need New Siding

siding in New HampshireEverybody wants a beautiful home. That much is certain. Sure, people always love to buy a good ole fixer-upper, but only with the intent of making it beautiful. Siding is the first thing people will see on the house seeing as it covers the entire exterior. Updating your siding is a worthwhile investment on any home. However, for some houses upgrading siding in NH isn’t just an aesthetic choice, but a necessity. On top of improving the look of your home, updating the siding can benefit the overall function and feel of your home. Here are five signs you need new siding.


Rotting or Warping

Rotting and warping of siding do more than affect the beauty of a house. Yes, it stands out visually to let the homeowner know there’s a problem. Still, rotting and warping of siding expose the underlayer to the elements. This can endanger the integrity of the wall underneath. If you see rotting or warping on your siding, use a screwdriver to check the underlayer. If the underlayer is soft, you need an immediate replacement to protect your home. Even if the underlayer isn’t soft yet, the risk is too high not to replace the damaged siding.

High Energy Bills

Have you noticed an increase in your heating and cooling bills? When your energy bills start to increase without any noticeable change in your routine around the house, check your siding in NH. On top of keeping your home protected from the elements, siding helps to keep cool air in during the summers and warm air in during the winters. Finding the cause of increasing energy bills may be as simple as replacing the siding on your house.

Fungus, Mold, & Mildew

Fungus, mold, and mildew are visual markers that your siding needs replacing. It’s hard to ignore organisms growing and spreading across the exterior of your home. Besides, if you notice it, you can be sure the neighbors have seen it too. Allowing fungus, mold, and mildew to grow and spread along your siding can lead to it infecting other areas of your home. This can be hazardous to the health of those inside. For homes with these growing, replace your siding as soon as possible.

Holes in the Siding

Aside from the structural concerns of finding holes in your siding, the cause of the hole should also be of concern. Holes in the siding allow the elements direct access for the layer underneath. Chances are that insects caused those holes. Having insects burrow into siding means insects now have access to your walls. This can lead to even more trouble down the line, so it’s best to replace any siding with holes.


Faded siding lowers the curb appeal of a home. It makes the house look run down even if the yard and inside of the house look brand new and well cared for. The other concern with faded siding is the integrity of the siding. Nothing is built to last forever, and that is true with siding. Faded siding means that it’s getting weaker and can lead to the other issues on this list if not replaced.


Siding is the first line of defense between your house and the elements of nature. When that siding isn’t at it’s best, your home can be in danger of insects, mildew, or even high energy bills. For siding in NH, contact Corriveau Contracting today or visit them online!