Five Reasons You Should Add a Deck

home improvement in NHEvery home only has a certain amount of space to occupy. The same can be said for yards. That’s why considering a deck as your next project for home improvement in NH is such a good idea. Decks make extra space for entertaining and relaxation. On top of being a beautiful place to relax, decks can add value to your home and be a worthwhile investment. Here are the top five reasons for adding a deck to your home would benefit you.


Market Value

Adding a deck onto a house increases its market value should the owner ever want to sell. Potential homebuyers keep their eye out for homes with decks because it increases the living space. Decks provide options for having guests over and offer a family-oriented feel to a home. The more desirable your house is during resale, the more money you can get for it. Keep up with the market by installing a deck.


New England summers can get hot, and with the heat comes barbecues and cookouts. Houses with a deck allow their guests to enjoy the fresh air of outside in a clean area away from the dirt. Decks can also provide shade which is essential for any cookout in the New England sun. Decks also give your kids a place to be with their friends, so they aren’t in your hair, but you can still keep an eye on them.

More Space

Houses are built with floor plans that act as a finite amount of space to work with. Adding additions to a home can be expensive and actually give you less space during construction. Decks are a great way to add more livable space to a home. You and your family don’t have to feel cramped up inside anymore.


As far as home improvement in NH goes, remodels and additions can take a lot of time to complete on a home. As far as time efficiency goes, adding a deck is the right choice. Decks are relatively quick to put up which means your home and daily life won’t be disrupted for the installation. For those who want more space as fast as possible, decks are the way to go.


Decks are relatively cheap to add on to a home. Of course, the price depends on the materials the deck is built from and the size of the deck to be installed. Still, compared to the cost of tearing down a wall and the materials to build an addition, the deck is the best value. This is great for homeowners working within a budget. Plus, given the fact that decks increase a home’s market value, it’s a worthy investment in the long run.


For those interested in home improvement in NH, consider a deck for your next project. Contact Corriveau Contracting today or visit them online for all your home improvement needs.