Top Five Reasons to Finish Your Basement

Too many people in America are afraid to enter their basements. For years, basements have been the fodder for childhood nightmares and Stephen King plot points. There’s a reason for that. In too many homes, basements are damp and cold and unusable. When they are used, it’s for little more than tools and mousetraps. Remodeling a basement is a worthwhile investment for so many reasons. Here are the top five reasons to finish your basement when considering home improvement in NH.



Some home improvement in NH can get expensive. Remodeling a kitchen or a living room can add up quickly, but basements are relatively cheap to finish in comparison. On top of being relatively inexpensive, finished basements can improve the resale value of your home. Think of finishing your basement as an investment for the future.

More Space

The whole point of a house is to have a specific amount of space that is your own. Floor plans and property are limited resources. Make the most of the area you own by making every inch of it livable. Finishing your basement can act as an extra living space for your family. Whether you turn it into a playroom, a living room, or a bedroom, a finished basement means more space for everybody.


Oftentimes, a finished basement is the most comfortable room in the house. By insulating the basement, the room stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This cuts back on energy bills as well.


Because so many basements go ignored, they can become hazardous. There are little sunlight and excess moisture. This can lead to mold and mildew that can put your family at risk of illness. If that mold gets into the air ducts, it can get costly to remediate. By finishing your basement, you’re less likely to build up less-desirable organisms and notice if they ever do start to grow.


Aside from the size of your basement, every other decision that comes with remodeling is up to you. You finally get a room that you can design from scratch. Sometimes buying a home means compromising on some things. You may not love the floors in the living room or the finishing along the walls in the hallway. You are sure to love the basement because it is all your creation.


Of course, there are other reasons to finish a basement. There’s organization, economics, entertainment, etc. All of these add up to one conclusion: finishing your basement should be your next project for home improvement in NH. Contact Corriveau Contracting online today.