What Paint Color Feels Like Home?

Choosing a new paint color for your home is an essential step in making it feel like home. This is the place you’ll see down the street after a day at work and feel happy to return to. Picking a color to paint your home should excite you. You’re one step closer to the house of your dreams. Of course, you want to be a good neighbor and choose a color that will please you, but also everybody who has to look at it every day. When selecting paint and siding in NH, think about these colors!


Lighthouse Red

This shade of red is an excellent way to stand out. Lighthouse red is similar to firetruck red only muted. This color is vibrant and playful. It says that you have an exciting side to you. Painting your house lighthouse red adds a sense of pastoral beauty to your home. Especially in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, lighthouse red pays homage to the history of fighting the Red Coats. It reimagines the lighthouse by the Cape as your home.

Forest Green

Just as the name implies, forest green brings nature to mind. Some say the color green has healing energies that come from it. You can’t go wrong with healing energies. The color is inviting and relaxing. For homes with a lot of trees and greenery around, this color is a great way to make your home feel like part of the landscape. It creates a sense of safety and tranquility.


The color wheat creates a sense of nourishment and fulfilling in those who see it. Fields of grain cover half of the country, making it a bucolic choice for any home. It’s the perfect halfway point between white and yellow. The buttery complexion is as warm as home cooking, which is an ideal feeling to associate with home. It’s also a very clean color that adds a vibrant touch to your siding in NH.


Blue Gray is a typical color for painting and siding in NH and for good reason. This isn’t the clear and crisp blue of pool water or the sky. Blue-gray is the color of the ocean. It represents water and healing. For families that love going to the beach and other nautical activities, blue-gray is a solid choice for your home. It radiates a sense of serenity and tranquility which is ideal for relaxing.

Light Blue

Unlike blue-gray, light blue is the color of the sky. This color is fresh and crisp. It radiates positive and exciting energies. This color also pairs well with warm shades like brown and red to give you more options for shutters and other accents. Light blue is a soft color and is best for homes that value versatility and positivity.


The color of your house says a lot about the family living inside. Make sure to choose the best paint and siding in NH. Contact Corriveau Contracting online today to make your house one step closer to a home.