Three Things To Consider Before Bathroom Remodels

As fun as remodeling your home is, there are plenty of practical issues to consider as you move through the project. While Corriveau Contracting can take care of the more delicate details, it’s always good to check on a few things before we enter your home. Bathroom remodels can get tricky, so be sure to look out for a few items before giving us a call.


bathroom remodels


1.) Budget

Of course, this is a given, but still, something to consider at length. Take the time to assess what projects you want to get done, browse prices online, and get a feel for what you need to pay for the entire project. Feel free to discuss pricing with us. We’re flexible and would love to help you achieve your vision.


2.) Plumbing and other hardware

We’re not plumbing experts, so if you find yourself wondering if all of the equipment in your bathroom is up to code, it’s best to call a plumber! Make sure that everything underneath the surface is working so we can jump right in and replace or improve what needs to be.


3.) Others’ opinions

Unless you live alone, other people need to access the bathroom. It helps if they enjoy the space and have a say in the decor as well. While browsing what you need to for bathroom remodels, you should ask for other opinions and input so you can make everyone’s vision come to life. Communication is essential, and letting everyone have a say in the space makes for a happy home.



If you’re looking to rework your bathroom, try your best to prepare beforehand. It’ll make the process easier – which goes a long way. Corriveau Contracting is happy to help with bathroom remodels of any sort, so feel free to reach out to us at (603)-880-9988!