Why Should You Add A Deck To Your Home?

At Corriveau Contracting, we can be your contractor for anything. From painting to siding, we can complete any job, even adding a deck for your family to enjoy. A deck is not just a clunky wooden structure anymore. They can add beauty and space to your home. In New England summers, the weather can get warm, and the sun is gorgeous. It is a no brainer that a deck is a home improvement in NH that many homeowners will install.

How many parties do you plan on having this summer? When the beautiful weather of summer arrives, staying inside is something that no one enjoys. That is why Corriveau Contracting can install your decks to make sure that your home is something to be yearned for at any party. If you have never considered one for your home, it is time to start.


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  • Outdoor kitchens

    • Unless you have a pretty decent deck outback, this is not best. However, if you have the land to add a decent deck off of your home, add an extra decorative portion on the ground where you can make room for a whole outdoor kitchen. These are gaining popularity, especially in climates that have warm weather year round. Still, we have some nice days up here, so it’s good to consider.


  • Living space

    • Adding a deck to your home will make you feel as though you have a whole new room to your home. With an enclosed deck or an open one, you can enjoy more space in your home by having the option of having guests inside and out.


  • Storage space

    • While many decks close in the underside, that area underneath the structure can get utilized for further storage space. In New England, storage is everything, especially in an older home. When you can have storage under the deck for anything, it frees up basement and attic space for other items.


  • Pool space

    • If you are considering having a pool added out back this year, you can build a deck around an above ground pool so that you can keep it standing all year round. The barrier will help keep mud from the basin as well as provide a bit more safety around the pool for getting in and out.



The purpose of a deck is entirely optional to the homeowner. Decks are a great project to consider for any home improvement in NH venture. Not only for the reasons listed above, but also because they can add value to the home and turn that starter home into your forever home.

For any home improvement project, call Corriveau Contracting at (603)-880-9988. With over 15 years of experience, we can do any job that you could need. Visit our website corriveaupainting.com to see some of our work and testimonials, then give us a call.