Best Floors For High Traffic Areas

When you have high traffic areas that seem to take out even the most durable flooring, it is time to consider which flooring you have in your high traffic area. Certain flooring options perform great under high traffic areas while others don’t. The best thing is that there is no need to compromise you homes aesthetics when it comes to the durability of your home anymore, particularly with some of the creations made in the past few years. Below are a few of the best high traffic area materials for home remodels and floors.


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Long used as one of the best options for flooring, hardwood flooring is known to be durable. Being used for centuries will give the surface an added benefit when it comes to protecting a high traffic area. It has a natural beauty and bend that will allow it to flow with the heat and cooling of the space. However, you do need to keep up with the maintenance of the hardwood. Without proper maintenance, you will get a flaking finish and warped wood, which doesn’t look very attractive. That is why, while wood is great with durability, it needs to be taken care of under humidity to maintain its standard.



If you happen to be on a bottom floor of a building or retail space, concrete flooring is the ultimate option when it comes to surface durability. It usually goes through various finishes and coatings to create a perfect layer. Concrete on its own is a porous material, so the finishes are essential to making sure that this flooring can handle the traffic. Still, once installed, it can last practically forever. The concrete is also a blank slate, so you can create some fantastic focal points when it comes to your floor.



Vinyl has different qualities that are dictated by its price range. However, it is a favorite for wet areas like the kitchen and the bathroom. That is because it is easy to clean and will last longer than other surfaces before needing to be replaced. Another added benefit of vinyl is that comes in a variety of colors, from hardwood design to bright checkers, to be able to express the feel of your home while enabling easy installation and low-maintenance.



While carpet seems to be something overlooked for high traffic areas, it is a great contender. The benefit of carpet is the noise reduction for everyone in the area. It is comfortable, and with the creation of Stain Master, it has become easier to attempt to keep stains out of it. Having carpet in areas that you used to want to avoid due to the darkness from frequent travel may have a new surface.



When it comes to high traffic areas, these four flooring options have been the top choices for years. When you have something that works, you don’t need to fix it. Once it has worked, it will continue to be effective. You have plenty of options for your high traffic areas. Now, you just need to find one that meets your aesthetic and home remodels you have planned. For all you need for home remodels, call Corriveau Contracting at (603)-880-9988!