Myths About Siding

Any siding contractor hears a lot about vinyl siding when we talk to clients about switching over from shingles to a siding. Some are accurate and valid concerns, but others just make no sense today. Much of what we hear tends to be myths that have been passed down for generations since the inception of vinyl siding. However, like with everything, myths are myths. While a few years ago some of these myths that end up gracing our ears may have held some truth, today everything is so efficient that these modern myths are just laughable.


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“All siding looks the same.”

We have talked about this before. Vinyl siding is all the same no matter what. That is 100% WRONG! Proven in our blog post specifically about the different types of siding you could get (here!), we think it is funny that this is still around. Years ago the options were much more limited than they are today but ultimately, you can have just as much variety in your home as you can with shingles.



“It isn’t durable.”

Now this one is just silly. Honest question about this myth is why would you install anything that is easily destructible? The purpose of vinyl siding is to help protect you home in a sense. Siding is tested to withstand winds of nearly 110 miles per hour. For those that are worried, Nor’easters can get hurricane force winds. The wind speed for a Category 3 hurricane starts at 111 miles per hour, and, honestly, if it gets that fast, your roof won’t even survive. So, we think that your siding will do pretty well during normal situations.



“Vinyl isn’t ‘green.'”

Vinyl siding is an attractive green alternative to siding your home. A majority of siding is melted down and recycled each year. All you need to do is let your siding contractor know that you want the old siding recycled and they will make sure that it happens. Most likely it will even end up in another home down the line. Also, vinyl siding lasts a while, so it does not change regularly. The need to recycle is pretty small, too, so many advantages make vinyl siding “green” capable so to speak.



“Siding isn’t energy-efficient.”

Insulated siding has been around for quite a few years now. With insulated siding, your home’s exterior wall’s R-value will increase. The insulated siding has rigid foam insulation on the inside that is attached permanently to the panel. It will allow continuous insulation on the outside added to the insulation on the inside of the home as well. As a result, the home could be approved for an Energy Start Qualified Homes Program actually, so it is very energy efficient.




Corriveau Contracting has heard it all when it comes to siding. Many times we do our best to adequately inform our clients of all the myths that come up, but sometimes it is best for the main ones to get addressed at the forefront. We know that change to something that is uncomfortable for a good portion of homeowners, but once you try vinyl siding, you will realize how silly it was to wait.

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