From Horse Hair To Drywall

When you hire Corriveau Contracting to do any additions or any home improvement in NH, if a wall needs to get built, drywall is the way to go. Many newer homes will use drywall, while in many older homes, you will find its predecessor, plaster. The evolution to drywall was imminent because it was not only fire-resistant but was also stronger than many other plasters at the time. We thought it would be fun to look back at how this piece of home improvement in NH got to where it was today.

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Horsehair plaster hasn’t been used in the market for some years now because it is prone to cracking after aging. Plaster was used typically in pre-war homes and is now used to keep the historical authenticity in a home. The plaster was applied wet to laths, flat wooden boards used for the application. The installation was time-consuming and required a trained plasterer to make sure that the plaster was applied smoothly and that it was level.

Horsehair was used as a binder to make sure that the plaster would hold. Because the plaster has alkaline in it, the longer the hair, the better it would be to maintain it. It helps preserve the flexibility of the mortar when applied. Plaster walls were thicker than the thickness of drywall today, which averages about ½”. Plaster would have about three total coats, equally 7/8 of an inch. However, where it was very time consuming and could be potentially expensive, drywall was utilized.

Drywall contains gypsum plaster. These boards are much easier to apply because they are pressed between two thick pieces of paper and is installed dry rather than wet. Because it is a single board that can easily screw to the studs, the drywall became the everyday use in additions and new construction.

First created in 1888 in the U.K., it was originally wood felt paper. Eventually, gypsum plaster was built in the early 1900’s, enabling lighter and more efficient installation. While drywall is thinner than its predecessor, there are ways around the lack of insulation and noise control. With proper insulation, which can be sprayed to save time, and looking into appropriate manuals for sound proofing, drywall can be as efficient as before.

Drywall has become a cheaper, efficient way to finish any remodel or addition for your home. Corriveau Contracting has highly trained professionals for all of your home improvement in NH needs. Installing drywall can be done on your own. Still, to ensure that your drywall is done the first time correctly, it is important to call your contractor. With over 15 years of experience, we can install, smooth, and paint your drywall in any addition, remodel, or if you just need some repairs. Give Corriveau Contracting a call at (603)-880-9988.