Insulated Siding

Look around at home in your neighborhood. How many homes have cedar shingles anymore? It is probably slim to none, especially if you live in a community with newly built homes. Siding in New Hampshire has exploded in popularity since used years ago. Siding is practically maintenance free compared to cedar shingles. Another reason that many homeowners are switching to siding is that now with insulated siding, many individuals can get a higher return on their investment in a siding. So, the big question we could probably tell is popping up is: isn’t all siding insulated?


siding in New Hampshire


Unfortunately, no. Older siding will not stay protected because insulated siding arrived in 1997. This siding has a foam “insulation” that is permanently attached to the vinyl siding. The purpose of this is to help with energy efficiency and sound control. While other siding options have a space between the exterior walls and the vinyl, it can allow for less control over the heat and cold that is entering and escaping from your home. But, the main question is: why is this siding better than the other siding?



Energy Efficiency

As we mentioned before, energy efficiency is important for many reasons. If your home gets approved as an EnergyStar rated home, you could be entitled to a tax refund. More importantly, it can help you save on your electric bill for heating and cooling. With an R-value up to 5.3, the efficiency of insulated siding was in the “2015 International Energy Conservation Code.” It is a material “that can be used as continuous insulation outside of the building framing to provide the required total wall R-value for buildings in the coldest climate zones,” according to the Vinyl Siding Institute. The R-value refers to the ability of the insulating material to resist the flow of heat in and out. The higher the value, the better insulator the component makes.


No Compromise On Looks

Insulated siding comes in all of the looks you love from common vinyl siding. While you increase your R-value, you can still have the style of home you want while taking advantage of the best vinyl siding in New Hampshire that your siding contractor has to offer. With an ever expanding color pool and texture patterns, the possibilities for siding keeps growing as the years go on, so it is good to start planning now.


Maintenance and Repairs

The insulated siding still has the same ease of installation and maintenance as the other siding that Corriveau Contracting can install for you. Just a brief wash with light soap on a beautiful day, and your siding will continue looking like new. While it takes a while for any possible cracks to pop up when you do need to repair your siding, it can be replaced easier than cedar shingles as well. It is just a leap of faith for when you are ready to put siding on your home.



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