How Well Do You Know Roofing Vocabulary?

Everyone has been there: when you talk to a professional in the field, there are times that you feel completely lost in what they are saying. That is because every field has their definitions and terms that the professionals know and refer to every time they need to discuss a job. They don’t do it on purpose, but it is something that is good to be aware of when you may need to ask questions about certain phrases. The same rule applies to roofing in NH. Each roofing contractor will know right away if you have a gable or a hip roof and will tell you, but what does it mean?

There are typically only a few different terms that you should be able to understand in laymen’s terms relatively quickly without needing to question. We have put our brains together and came up with five good to know terms when you begin to work with your contractor for your roofing project. 

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Gable Roof

A gable is a roof style that is very popular in New England, mainly because of its slope. It allows for water to slide right off as well as keep snow from piling in one area. Gable roofs are a triangular shape and meet typically in the middle of the house from either side. This roof only has two sloping sides. Think of the houses that you drew as a kid when you think of gabled roofs.


Hip Roof

The hip roof is also gaining popularity in New England for the same reasons as the gable roof. This roof also allows for water and snow to be dispersed and slide away from home. However, hip roofs are not reliant on two sloping sides. Hip roofs have all four sides slope towards the middle of the home, which means that you will have 3-4 sloped sides to meet the ridge or the roof.



The eaves are the parts of the roof that extend from the wall of the home. It can be further away from the home or a little bit closer. The reason that the eave extends is that it is used to get rainwater away from home.



The highest point where the planes of the roof meet is called the ridge. Many times, the house height is measured to the top of the hill rather than to where the roof starts to slope in.



In a gable roof, in particular, a rake is the added element of the end of a roof that has the trim and structure extended away from the house. These can be fancy or plain in their design elements.



When it comes to roofing in NH, these few details will help you understand your contractor and the design of your home a little better. While many more terms are out there that you may need to ask about, these five are the big ones about any roofing basics.

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