The Best Paint For High-Traffic Areas

home remodelsWe all know that high-traffic areas in the home receive the most damage. From rug stains to wood fading, to scratches on the wall, there is no mercy in these regions. Front halls and areas on the way to the kitchen and bathrooms are faced day to day with nearly endless traffic, which is why it is important that you know what you can use in these high traffic areas to keep your walls looking like new. While wallpaper was a favorite for years, it is not that easy to wash. The best thing you can do in a high-traffic area is to wash down the scuff marks that show up.

Paints are one of your more durable options. With the creation of various finishes that are now available, all ranges of traffic can be accommodated by a single paint choice. There are a variety of low-maintenance color options that come with different finishes that will also allow you to keep your aesthetic exciting during home remodels.



Gloss Is Good

Plainly put, the amount of shimmer in the paint is how you figure out if a paint will be able to be easily cleaned in a high traffic area. Usually, glossier finishes are used in high traffic areas because they are easy to clean when it comes time to do so. It is significantly simpler to clean gloss than primary paints, which can show signs from being washed.

There are three main types of gloss colors used in high traffic areas. These are popular due to their ease of maintenance in these regions. These finishes are Stain, Semi-Gloss, and High Gloss. For the most part, each one of these paint shades is washable, but there are a few differences that are easily noticeable between the three.



Satin finish paint is washable and durable, which is why it is a popular choice. Added to the perks of being able to be washed, it is also not super glossy, so it can go in any room in the house without adding a sheen to the wall.


Semi Gloss

The next level of shine when comes from these three finishes. It is not as reflective and shiny as high gloss paint while still being able to be cleaned. The lack of sheen takes away from imperfections in the wall as well. It holds up well in wet areas too, so it is a good contender for those types of occupied areas.


High Gloss

The shiniest of all paints, High Gloss Paint, is the most durable paint also. It can hold up well in high moisture levels without peeling or cracking, which is a big plus in bathrooms. This color does show imperfections because of its sheen, so it is usually only on door frames. Still, it is the most durable option you have.



When it comes down to choosing paint for your high-traffic area, you need to consider what type of traffic you have. If you have the typical day to day traffic, a satin may be the way to go. However, for splatter, one of the higher gloss levels will be your best option. It also comes down to the amount of sheen you want on your walls.

Test a swatch of paint first, and you should be able to find just what you need for all of your home remodels. For all of your remodeling needs, contact Corriveau Contracting. Give us a call at (603)-880-9988 and see what we can do for you today!