Siding Colors: Choose One You Can Live With

siding contractorEvery so often, we find ourselves perusing over some home design magazines looking at models that we might want to make better or attempt ourselves. Recently, we found an article that was particularly interesting to us. As your local siding contractor, we locate the color of the siding that you choose. While it can change, it is semi-permanent for a time. Many individuals, while they consider the benefits of siding, do not always ponder their siding color options until it is too late.

The article in Better Homes and Gardens talked about some of the things you should think about when you go to choose your siding colors. We realized that we talk about all the things siding can do for you, but we never speak of vinyl siding color choice. So, why not now with the summer coming and the home improvement in NH season right around the corner? We pulled some of our favorite questions that they asked and gave you a condensed list of four from their list and one that we thought would be substantial.




1. What is the feel of your neighborhood?

While this sounds silly, it is crucial to consider this. For many reasons, matching the aesthetic of your area is ideal. If you live in an earth-toned neighborhood, then a bright pink house may stick out too much for resale value for you and your neighbors. While riding around and finding colors you like is important, try to “match” or flow with your neighborhood too.


 2. What home style do you have?

Hear us out here. If you find complimentary colors that you love, depending on the style of you home, you can have the best of both worlds. Particular styles like Cape Cod, Cottage, and other designs that have quirky vibes give you more of a style advantage when it comes to using multiple colors on the main parts of your home.


3. Daylight, snow, rain – will you love your color no matter what?

Depending on when you look at your home for color choices may skew how you perceive the color. On a bright sunny day, the color will naturally be more vivid due to the sun reflecting, but what would it look like on a rainy day when covered in clouds? Would the color be too dark? Considering different environmental factors could change the appeal of the color.


4. Does your color still speak to you in the evening?

Morning, noon, and night look at the color you chose. If you cannot love your color at any time other than sunrise, you won’t enjoy driving up to it. Also, consider the color in comparison to your roof and foundation colors. The color you are changing can get altered again. However, your roof and foundation are not so easy to fix.


5. What does the HOA allow?

If you live in development, you know all about the Homeowners Association. HOA has fees and a list of rules a mile long. Well, before you start even considering colors that you like, you should look over that rule book or talk to the leader of the HOA about what is acceptable in the area for colors. Many developments want some uniformity behind it, so it will only allow certain colors.




Remember, while your siding contractor can install the siding in the color that you want, it won’t be the last color on your home. With the right paint, you can add a new color when you feel up to it.

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