Make Paint Pop!

home improvement in NHConsidering any project for home improvement in NH this summer? While it is great to do many of the large builds like additions this time of year, it is also an excellent opportunity to create a whole new look with only a few cans of paint. If you feel trapped in your space the way it is, maybe tearing down walls and renovation needs to be your solution right away. Sometimes, the room is perfect the way it is, and we grow tired of looking at the same aesthetic all the time. At this point, Corriveau Contracting can come in and show you why we grew from painting.

We were looking into the depths of the Internet to get some ideas that we could talk about, and we found some pretty awesome ways to decorate your walls with paint. There is no need for wood or anything like that! It is so simple, and we almost started laughing at how long it took us to talk to you about what you can do with paint in a room.

Anyways, here are some excellent ideas from Homedit that we thought were cool ways to decorate your home.





Ombre is a fancy word for fading or gaining color. You would start with your chosen color at the top and gradually win or lose shades as your progress to the floor. Many times the colors start with a pastel version and eventually get to the darkest color of choice. It is a beautiful look when finished and can give you a different feeling depending on where you look in the room. You can do this with stripes, chevron patterns, or just a subtle fade into the final color.




If you are a line person, you know that looking at stripes can be pleasing when done correctly. Having them in the room could allow for you to make the room seem longer or taller while maintaining the integrity of your home. The stripes can be horizontal around the space or on one wall or vertical along all walls or one wall. The cool thing about vertical lines is that you can have them continue onto the ceiling, incorporating it into the design of the home.



Color Blocking

In this design pattern, with painter’s tape, the contractor will block off sections of the wall in whichever pattern you decide. Then, inside the boxes, the contractor will paint the colors of your choosing so that when the painter’s tape comes off, you can have blocks of color surrounded by your base color (typically white depending on the color scheme).




Paint can also allow for you to design wood surface or a variety of textures to the wall. Whether with a sponge, dry brush, or even just painted in by hand, this allows for you to create depth to the wall. When you do this technique, it is important to have a contractor who has done the project before so that it can be done correctly, however. This technique takes some time to practice.




Many of these ideas can happen during your next yearning for home improvement in NH. Though it seems easy enough, if you haven’t had much experience with painting walls, a call to Corriveau Contracting is important. Our professionals started with painting years ago, and we are still one of the best in the industry today. When you call Corriveau Contracting, you know that you will get quality from your design. Contact us at (603)-880-9988.