Add Value To Your Home In Easy Ways

home improvement in NHAre you looking to sell your home at some point this year or just want to know you have the option later down the line? For many homeowners, home improvement in NH just covers the basics like keeping up with paint, general maintenance, and maybe the occasional splurge. However, you are not getting the most for your home. If you only do the bare minimum for your home, that is what you will get back in return. When you are looking to sell your home especially, you want to be able to get at least what you paid for the home. Honestly, with five simple ideas, you could get more for your home!




Open Floor Plan

Get ready to have some fun and knock down some walls, but consult a professional contractor first. Some walls are not recommended to be knocked down because they are load bearing walls. Load bearing walls pretty much keep the house standing. These walls can potentially be taken down, but you would need to add a reinforced beam through the home structurally to accomplish an open concept. However, if you can maneuver it and get that open concept, it reinvents your home, allows for things to feel larger as well as give you good entertainment space. A lot of potential buyers enjoy the open floor plan because it gives the illusion of a larger living space.



Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is a big draw not only for you while you live in the home, but for potential buyers as well. Needing to spend less money on electricity in the home could potentially get it approved for Energy Star rating and tax refunds for living in a green home. Also, many times upgrading to new appliances will work towards the general aesthetic of the home because they are clean and fresh looking.



Updated Kitchen and Bath

The gospel for increasing home value is a remodeled kitchen and bathroom. People want fabulous kitchens that they can picture themselves cooking in, and bathrooms that have everything on their wish lists. The important thing to remember is that first of all it is your home, but think about the general, especially if you want to renovate for sale purposes. Having stainless steel appliances in the kitchen or adding in a double sink in the bathroom are simple projects that will help you get a pretty penny back in return.



Basic Design Updates

This one doesn’t need a long explanation. If your home looks like the 80’s, it is time to modernize it. Get rid of the popcorn ceiling, the paneling, and the shag carpet for smooth ceilings, paint, and wood floors, neutral carpet, or tile. It will allow more individuals to feel as though they can easily make the home their own. Get out of the time loop and into the present.



Invest in Landscaping

This one is a no-brainer as well. Think about it this way: you are not only helping yourself but your neighbors. Excellent curb appeal sells not only your home but the neighborhood as well. If you live on a street with a large, ramshackle home, the appeal of the area goes down due to that one home. Well-manicured lawns and some trees goes a long way for your home.





While it is getting to the season for home improvement in NH, it is important to think about what is going on with your home down the line. If you are looking to sell, think of areas that buyers look at first, then work on your little improvements. Getting a return on any investment is fun, and with these five tips, you can get a little bit more back.

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