The Best Season For Painting Your Home


painters NHAlthough individuals have needs year-round, there are still some things that cannot happen during certain seasons. Unlike in the South, where it is still 50 degrees in the middle of December, we live in New England where we are not that lucky. We have been known to get snow storms in October and April. That said, when it comes to painting your home, there is a cut off time. Knowing when to plan or schedule a visit from painters in NH for your home is important, especially if you tend to let things slip when it comes to scheduling.

For many companies, spring and summer are the prime seasons for painting the exterior of your home. The weather is usually at the right combination of moisture levels and temperature. However, these are not the only seasons when you can paint. While no one should tell you that you can paint year round, there are new technologies that are allowing you to paint longer than you were able to before.

Some colors will allow you to paint when it is as cold as 35 degrees, but it depends on the brand and the type of paint that you get. For many people, that means that fall is the right time. However, all painters in NH have their cutoff dates for when they will paint. Summer is still the optimal time for many people to paint because they run into fewer weather risks, such as rain.

When it came to painting in the past, the lowest temperature to paint in was 50 degrees. The ability to paint became limited to the end of spring through the end of summer. However, this could be complicated if you needed a professional booked during that time frame. So, the solution was to find out how to make it okay to paint at lower temperatures. Now, some brands allow for you to paint at 40 degrees, with the absolute least being at 35 degrees. Sherwin Williams has plenty of these options at the moment.

While this is possible, it is still not recommended to try to push your luck. You do not want to paint if there will be a drastic change in temperatures that tends to happen during the fall. In autumn, while you can paint during the day, you need to look at the nighttime temperatures as well. They can drop from 80 degrees to 50 degrees in a flash. Drastic temperature shifts cause many problems.

So, for the sake of living in New England, it is best to consider the cut off date to be October 1st for exterior painting. After this time frame, the weather can be sporadic. Spring, summer, and early fall are the best times to get your house painted, so be sure to be in contact with Corriveau Contracting as soon as you can so that you can schedule your exterior painting with painters in NH. Give us a call at (603)-880-9988 and see what we can do for you today!