Creating Color Flow Within The Home

Finding paint colors that work within the whole house can be a headache on its own. Many homeowners tend to play it safe and stick with neutral tones throughout the home because they want the house to flow as best as they can. The truth of the matter is that you can still create flow in the living space with various colors that you want in your home. Yes, even with a bright green living room and a purple kitchen, you could make the colors work if you wanted to. That is because there are always ways to neutralize spaces, hues to consider, and, best of all, consider if the rooms are connecting during home improvement in NH.

Benjamin Moore, one of the top paint manufacturers in the United States, have ideas of how you can create a color flow within the home. If you want to stick with the perfect color flow, you usually use colors that are in varying shades of the primary color that you want to set things into motion. So, if your first color is a red, you would tend to use shades of darker reds and lighter reds throughout the home to create a cohesive look.

Another approach that they recommend in choosing paint for color flow in the home is to consider the furniture you own and pick shades from there while considering colors that have hues with similar undertones. If you have a purple shade with a blue undertone, you would be smart not to use a color that has a bright orange undertone to it in the adjoining room.

As with choosing hues, you can also choose a few colors that you enjoy and use them for different color spots in each chamber. So, in one room, you will have yellow as the primary color, but in other rooms, it will be either a secondary color or an accent color. You would use this same process with other colors in the home as well.

Houzz, while not paint experts, is a design site used to find some standard paint models to try out in the home. Their approach to creating flow in the home is to try to find a color palette to go throughout the whole house. The first recommendation is to see what rooms you can see from different rooms in the house. These rooms will usually need to blend a bit better than rooms that you don’t see from that particular room.

From there, you can choose to start with the room that is the most visible in the room, or the room that you want to have the boldest color, and work your way out from there. The best way to address these decisions is to keep the hallways and landing areas neutral so you don’t have too many colors overwhelming you or your guests. Still, the best thing that you can do is to test the palette that you want to consider so you can see if the colors will work together.

Creating color flow in the home can be fun. While it seems fun and easy, it is also really easy for you to get carried away in choosing colors. That is why it is important that you plan your palette and how you want to have the flow go in the home. Choose the colors for individual rooms and work from there. You will find your palette in no time as you undergo home improvement in NH! For the home improvement services with the craftsmanship you need, give us at Corriveau Contracting a call at (603)-880-9988!