Energizing Colors

home remodelsWhen we get up in the morning, we often need an extra boost of energy to get us going. Finding energizing colors to help us get energized in the rooms of our home, when we typically need an extra boost, can be hard. Where to begin? There was a couple in a house where they had an exercise room. In this activity room, they created the brightest room in a home, and it was full of energizing colors to keep their workout going for as long as they could. They found a way to make it work, and it was fabulous. So, getting bright energizing colors into the home during home improvement in NH isn’t difficult or complicated. You just need to know what colors to use and where to use them.

DIY Network is great about helping to break down how colors can work within your home. While it seems minor and commonplace, would you know which colors to add to your room that you wanted to burst with energy? Think about the colors that you would usually choose to create the most energetic walls, and see if you were right.


Red is a bright color that draws attention. There is a reason why people warn against getting a red car if you like to speed. They are bright and usually flashy shades. Still, the color gets used in the home. While it is often used as an accent color or for a bold single wall statement, it is an intense color to help you get focused. Red gets associated with anger and love – two opposite ends of the spectrum of emotion. However, the color has been known to increase your heart rate, respiration, and help you feel more energized. Bringing red into a room when you need energy can help you.


Orange is a bright, fun color. Typically associated with creativity, individuality, and the sun, what isn’t fun about this color? While many individuals either love the color or completely hate it, it is a color that can blend well with neutrals in the home. It is a high energy color, which is why there is now a fitness gym based on the color of orange. It is supposed to help raise your energy because it is a pleasant, bright color. Everyone likes having bright colors for power, and orange comes in a variety of shades from warmer tones to more vivid shades so that you can find the shade for you.


A color often associated with optimism and happiness, yellow comes in a variety of shades as well. The more subdued shades of yellow can be useful for a calmer environment, but when you want some energetic color blasting at you from your walls, go for the beautiful bright yellows. Compare the color of pale yellow to that of a bright lemon, and you will see why yellow can be an energetic color to get your blood pumping.

Finding colors to add energy to your home is pretty easy. Consider the fire shades of color while starting home improvement in NH. These colors, whether they are accent colors or main colors, will bring energy into your home. For all of your contracting needs, give Corriveau Contracting a call at  (603)-880-9988!