Colors To Help You Sleep

home remodelsWe all want to be able to have a good night’s sleep at the end of the day. There is nothing worse than trying to sleep and waking up every few hours or just struggling to fall asleep in the first place. At that point, many people try to take things that help them sleep, such as melatonin tabs. These medications, however, are not necessarily required to help you sleep, though. Color in your room can affect how you sleep and your sleeping schedule.

DIY Network mentions that certain colors can help you sleep better than others. It has been proven many times before that particular colors are calming colors that cause something to happen in the brain to ensure relaxation. These calming colors can help you relax enough to get to the point where you can sleep. Blue is the most common of these colors, but any calming color can help when used in home remodels.

Let’s talk a little bit about the science behind what makes you sleep., which is funded by the National Sleep Foundation, mentions that there is a group of cells in the eyes that are responsible for relaying information to the brain, as all cells do. These cells in particular, however, relay information that helps to control our body’s natural 24-hour rhythm (also known as a circadian rhythm). Ganglion cells are responsible for what makes us do our natural everyday events such as waking up and going to sleep. These cells can pick up on colors that can help you sleep.


Blue is taken quite well by the Ganglion cells. It is a color often associated with the sky and water, so it is a relatively calming color to start. It has been known to help lower blood pressure and your heart rate, which is the first step to getting your body to relax. Once your body rests at night, you are usually able to sleep quite well. That is why different shades of blue become part of bedrooms – they help you relax and get a good night’s sleep.


Another color that tends to help promote a calming atmosphere is purple. Keep in mind that there are a lot of shades of purple and it is associated not only with mystery, royalty, and creativity but also with eccentricity. When choosing purple for your bedroom during home remodels, a color that usually has blue and gray undertones tends to have a similar effect as a blue will on your body.


Gray is a good neutral color. While it is a solid color for a foundation, it tends to be a color that reflects wisdom, intellect, and knowledge. The good thing about gray is that when it gets mixed, it tends to have either a brown or a blue undertone. As with purple, the blue undertone tends to reflect blue towards the surface of the gray. Colors like slate gray are a perfect example of gray with a blue undertone. This color can promote a calming effect and allow for you to unwind after a long day.

These soft, calming colors are all related to blue in some form, since blue is the most useful color when it comes to painting your bedroom to help you sleep during home remodels. While other colors can help as well, having blue in a bedroom will always be the first recommendation.

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