Home Improvement Scams to Watch Out for

Home ImprovementAs the good weather begins to creep and refunds are rolling in, many home owners will be considering home improvement in NH. The ability to work with good weather is when contractors tend to get more jobs because it is easier than trying to work with the cold and snow. When you begin to consider contractors there are many things that, as the home owner, you need to be careful of. In recent years there has been a burst in home improvement schemes by people going around offering contracting services. The Better Business Bureau has even warned of scams that are likely to pop up as general contractors have been searched over 10,000 times on the internet.

There are some ways to tell if the promise is too good to be true, and ways to find out if the contractor is legitimate. If a contractor is going door to door, it is a red flag for it being a potential scam. Even discounted prices could be a disaster waiting to happen. However, if you follow these few simple steps, you could find a good contractor and be protected from possible scams that will take your hard earned refund.

Do your research

If a company sounds too good to be true, it may very well be. In a world where your smart phones connect to the internet literally anywhere, you can find out if it is a scam in a heartbeat. If a contractor offers you a deal, you can find out if this has worked just by pulling out your phone. If it valid, they won’t worry about you looking things up.

Open your options

When looking for good contractors make a list of the contractors in the area. The ones that service your area will have done work that you should be able to see, especially if they were on a well-known project, like a public library or commercial business. Chances are you will know someone who has worked with these contractors as well. Make a list and call every single one.


Talk to your friends and neighbors about what you want to do to your home. They will be able to recommend people that worked with them and be able to tell you what is good and bad with how they worked in their home. You will also be able to see first-hand what their work is like.


Look up the reviews before you decide on a contactor. Poke around on Yelp, Angie’s List or even Google reviews. Look at the good and the bad before you dive in, even if the contractor was referred to you.

Quotes in Writing

A verbal quote does nothing for you. Make sure that the contractors write down what they quote you. This will protect you when you go back after looking around for the price you were quoted. It ensures that the contractor cannot change the price on you.

Accredited, Insured, Licensed

The three major things to look for at when considering contractors. When you look up the contractors, they should display whether they are accredited in any way, and also whether or not they are fully insured. It is safer to consider business’ that are licensed and insured.

Home Improvement in NH is an important part of maintaining any home. By being vigilant with your contractor you can be sure that you will not fall into a scam and you will have the job done right.

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