Is your new roof safe from ventilation?

siding-pinterest SmallerWith the constant fluctuations in weather in New England, it is important that any time you get a new roof, that everything is up to par for the needs of your new roof. Roofing in Nashua, NH is a year round project. With snow and the chance of ice dams in the winter to roof replacement in the summer, as a home owner it is important to protect one of your first lines of defense from the ever changing weather.

One thing that we have noticed at Corriveau Contracting is that some roofs are damaged by not having proper ventilation in the Attic. It seems minuscule to consider, but a lack of proper ventilation could lead to many issues, not just with your roof but around your home as well.

When the contractor replaces you roof, as a certified contractor they are required to make sure that there is proper ventilation. If you live in an older house, as many homes in New England are, there is a chance that when the roof was last replaced, the ventilation was not up to code. There are a few ways for you to check if there could be an issue with our ventilation or need of replacement before calling out your roofing contractor.

Missing, cracked or curling shingles

This could basically be that your shingles have reached the end of their life on your roof. With the average rood lasting 20 years, it is important to keep in mind or document when your roof was last replaced. This will give you a good estimate on when to start looking for damage to your shingles.

Excessive Energy Costs

Lack of insulation and insufficient attic ventilation could cause the heat or your central air systems to run more than needed. If the attic is cold in the winter, drafts will occur causing the heat to kick on even when unnecessary while in the summer, the excessive heat can also cause never ending cooling cycle that would raise your electric bill through the roof, literally.

Dark or dirty looking areas on your roof

So this one related more to when you need to replace your roof compared to ventilation, but this could be algae growth. This could be related to the heat in your attic as well as the weather outside. If you see this on your roof it is best to call in your roofing contractor for a replacement.

Leakage in the Attic

This is pretty obvious. If you have a leak in your roof after a heavy rainstorm or even during melting of snow, that means the flashing on your roof is deteriorating or something is wrong with your shingles. Again a red flag for your contractor to come out.

Water damage inside

If you get water damage inside, chances are it is because your attic is leaking. If the attic is leaking then something is wrong with the shingles, or your ventilation is causing condensation where it shouldn’t be.

Peeling of Paint

When you start to see paint peeling, consider the age of the paint job as it could be age. Also it could be because lack of ventilation is causing moisture and humidity because there is nowhere for the warm air to go.

Roof shingle, sheathing and siding decay

Another issue with shingles could be directly related to attic ventilation. Without having anywhere to go the air will continue to sit against the roof leading to direct issues with your roof.

If you notice any of these issues, call Corriveau Contracting today at 603-880-9988 and we will work with you to get you attic properly ventilated. Proper roofing in Nashua, NH is important so we will evaluate all of your vents, fans and insulation to make sure that you are properly insulated to get the best from your GAF roofing as well as energy efficient living.