Keep your Roof!

Roofing in Massachusetts from CorriveauAs it stands, every twenty years you will calling your roofing contractor to replace your roof. It is bound to happen as many times, your roof is only recommended to last that long. However, you do want to make sure that your roofing in NH is going to last. There are a few simple things that you can do to help maintain your roofs integrity. Although some of these are everyday chores, or have been mentioned before, it is important to have constant reminders about what you can do, before the damage gets too extensive.


The most obvious help in maintaining your roof is clearing your gutters. Buildup of leaves and twigs can block the water from leaving, which means as it sits, it could seep into the wood near your roof. This would lead to water damage and the risk of needing a new roof sooner. Also while you clean your gutters, make sure that they are fastened correctly to the house. With a subtle slope down to where the water will drain, the gutter should be secure so that the space cannot be susceptible to damage.


If you are lucky to have a beautiful oak tree out back keep an eye on the tree’s limbs. Any limbs that are too close to the home can be a potential hazard for roofing in Nashua, NH. With some of the storms that we can get, the limbs could fall on the roof itself creating one problem, but they could also scrape against the shingles and cause the rough stone coating to fade.

Walking on the roof

Unless you are an experience roofer, this is probably never a good idea. Not only that, but the shingles can crack or loosen their hold on the roof if they are walked on too much. So, pretty much, there is only one reason anyone should walk on the roof, and that is when your roofer is replacing your roof.

Power Washers

Your roof will need period cleanings to remove various debris that land on it, but power washers are not the best way to go about it. A power washer is extremely strong and while it can make the cleaning process about ten times easier that without it, it could also damage and remove parts of your roof that are in perfectly good working order. It is best to go old school when you wash and clear your roof.


Living in New England it is important to remember that some years, we have some crazy snow fall. So where heavy snow can cause damage to roofing in NH, you need to just get a snow rake and do what you can to remove the really heavy stuff.

All during the year you should be actively walking the property and keeping an eye on your roof. If you notice anything, such as the above recommendations, do your part and your roof will last. But, if you notice that your roof needs replacing for any reason, Corriveau Contracting will be able to answer the call at 603-888-9988.